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Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

27 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal (Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 2020)

Yoga is being a moment or alive as a globalized understanding and practice for cultivating overall health, happiness and harmony in life. Millions of people do yoga all over the world, the yoga teaching profession has finally begun to establish clearer, stronger standards of competence for yoga instructors. So they have more challenges to gain more knowledge and techniques about the contents and subject matters.

They must need the sources of different texts matters such as Yoga Philosophy and fundamental ethics, Basic human body science, Yoga ethics and means, techniques of different yogic kriyas like Shatakarma, Yogasana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, and Meditation, and also need true masters for proper guidance and plans  who are qualified academically and practically as well. This mission will be attained in Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 2020 (YTT) under the umbrella of Himalayan Yoga Academy.

Yoga Teachers, Yoga Masters, even Teacher Trainers need the comprehensive guidance and motivational tips, required subject knowledge, and authentic practicing patterns. For this achievement, Himalayan Yoga Academy is the perfect school for higher levels of schooling while doing Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 2020 under professional Yoga Professor in Nepal. The professor/ Yoga Guru of this Academy is the first person who initiated yoga In Tourism sector and have informally been teaching since 1997 and institutionally since 2007.

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal

And he is only one yoga professional who played a vital role to start the Post Graduate Diploma 1 Year Course in Yoga Science in Tribhuvan University, the first University in Nepal, since 2019.

Yoga originated in Himavat  Kshetra (Himalayan Belt) which is in Nepal, then it is promoted to South, East, North, and West almost south Asia.

There are many more evidences about the origin of Yoga in Nepal whenever talking about Shiva Civilization developed in Himavat Kshetra, Maharshi Kapil ( Samkhya Yoga) in Kapildham, Kapilvastu, Nepal; Buddha Civilization in Lumbini, Nepal; King Janak Civilization, Janakpur, Nepal; Mahabharat hills in Nepal; Maharshi Patanjali In Nepal (As latest research by Prof. Dr. Vishnu Aatreya). Himalayan Yoga Academy is promoting the alive history all over the world by conducting the different Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 2020 and spiritual healing courses.

Himalayan Yoga Academy integrates the traditional Yoga patterns and modern yogasana sequencing while teaching in different courses like Nepal Yoga Teacher Training 2020 , Yoga Retreat. Yoga is an art of living, so we teach here in Academy how to live being healthier, happier, and more consciousness.

The farther we go in our practice, the more we discover the vast universe of elements that are at play in yogi’s incredible potential for enhancing our lives. We focus that the elements of a complete practice, the best structures to make the sustainable , ways of beginning yoga, ways of including yoga class, subtle exercises,  pre asana, sequence of Asanas,  principles of breathing practice, techniques of meditations while teaching Yoga.

The art and science of teaching yoga is creatively expressed in how you craft asana, pranayama, and meditation sequences that honor the needs and intentions of the students in your classes, Your creativity is given form by yoga philosophy, the style of yoga you are teaching, the biomechanics and energetic requirements and effects of asanas, and by your personal sense of purpose in meaningfully sharing Yoga.

Here we look to use our full palette of knowledge and skills to create classes that resonate with the needs and expressed intentions of students, offering them a clearer pathway to more radiant wellbeing.

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