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Classical Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training in Nepal

8 Jul 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training in Nepal

Introduction : Hatha Yoga

Although we have different yoga traditions or schools, among these schools, hatha yoga is being very popular today both literally and practically. The initiation goes to Adinath Shiva in Deva Yoga Era before Vedic Period with Shiva civilization. Later it has been promoted by Great Yogis Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath , then in post classical period by Maharshi Gheranda and Yogi Swatmaram through Gheranda Samhita and Hatha Pradipika respectively.

Hatha Yoga means physical discipline and physical purity trained by enforced effort of yogic practice. With ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon,” we have the common interpretation of Hatha yoga as “a union of the pairs of opposites.” A more technical translation of Hatha yoga is “force’ or “determined effort.” or “dedicated practice”. Thus hatha yoga, the “yoga of activity,” is the yoga that addresses the body and mind and requires discipline and effort. It is the yoga that we can feel, that we can experience, right here and right now. Hatha yoga is a powerful method of self-transformation.Further about Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training

It is the most practical of the yogas, and sages have recommended its practice in some form for millennia as preparation for all the other yogas in beginning levels to higher levels.

Yoga is common subjects’ popularity all over the world. But everybody needs to get training in original and traditional places because almost yoga practitioners, yoga lovers, even yoga instructors have misunderstanding about the science of Yoga. In the contest of modern understanding of yoga as physical training, fitness programs, it gives you the right message of yoga as a science of life and also the achievement of Yogic practice.

Hatha Yoga is very popular style of Yoga in world.Many begineers in Yoga prefer to learn Hatha Yoga as it’s the first classical yoga.So Many people prefer taking hatha yoga teacher training.Since the world is in complete lockdown, Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training Course is designed in order to provide the classical knowledge and skill of Hatha Yoga to the students with proper guidance and training.

Although  Online Training is not complete learning of such Yogic science, but it depends on how the teaching is set up, and how the training is performed into their practice both through theory and practice. The effectiveness of online training depends on the materials like references books, videos, articles, schedules, home tasks, project works, etc. 

In Hatha Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, we Cover :

Chapter-1:- ASANA



Chapter-4:- NADANUSANDHANA (Stage of Dhyana and Samadhi)

Hatha Yoga Online Teacher Training will be guided through the means of Zoom. In zoom, we will conduct live sessions where you will taught by professional gurus. They will teach the fundamentals of yoga ( Hatha , Bhakti , Kriya, Asthanga, Karma, Mantra and many more )

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