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Enhancing Your Reiki Practice

12 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Enhancing Your Reiki Practice

Overview in Reiki : Enhancing your Reiki Practice

Reiki is a spiritual healing science which is based on universal power energy. ReiKi  means universal energy which is around us.Reiki First Degree contact healing Practice based on traditional and modern ways of healing followed by different energy centers called Chakras. We can use this energy for healing ourselves and others, at all levels i. e. physically, mentally and spiritually. The healing energy flows from the source, the cosmos around us through the healers  to the physical, mental, emotional bodies of the person.We provide reiki class in Kathmandu to all people. Learn Enhancing Your Reiki Practice

What does enhancing your Reiki practice mean ?

Enhancing your Reiki practice means practicing with generosity, giving more of yourself to your practice. The way to do that depends on where you are with your Reiki practice (keep reading).

But know that whether you are new to Reiki or you’ve been practicing a long time, you can always increase your Reiki benefits by enhancing your Reiki practice.

What Reiki benefits?

Reiki practice is balancing, and balance means different things at different times. All the benefits your Reiki practice brings come from you being more balanced. And being more balanced more often. That increases your overall resilience.

So the benefits you’ll experience have a lot to do with how and where your system is unbalanced. If, for example, you have digestive problems, you’ll likely notice improved digestion and appetite. And better food choices. You might notice it right away, or it might take a week or so.

Enhancing your daily self Reiki practice

  1. Improve Your Reiki Practice by Using Reiki on Yourself Daily
  2.  Receive Reiki from Others
  3. Let Reiki do the Healing
  4.  Price Services Fairly
  5.  Get Rid of Selfishness

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