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Cure the Diseases through Swara Yoga

7 Mar 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Swara Yoga

There are three main Nadis which maintained the temperature of the body. if prana does not flow according to the definite date and time man falls ill. This illness can be removed by setting right the swara.Swara Yoga helps you by :

1. if One feels Hot and Uncomfortable :

When exercising or walking change the right nostril and breathe through left and take little rest.

2. To cure indigestion :

To cure indigestion breathe through right nostril, and when taking liquid breathe through nostril.One may lie on left side for an hour after taking meal, and on right side after drinking liquid to achieve the above states of breathing. A fast alternative breathing from nostrils after the meals also helps digestion.

3. To Cure Fever and Pain :

Stop the breathing nostril by plugging cotton tab and make the other nostril operate.Ordinary Fever or Pain will subside in normal case but pain due to arthritis or other such chronic diseases cannot be reduced or cured.

4. To cure headaches :

if small quantity of water is taken from the active nostril every morning before bath for a month.It can cure headache permanently.

5. To Cure Infertility in Woman :

A barren woman can possibly give birth to a child of at the time of intercourse her susumna swara is active; or her right nostril flows with fire element.

6 . For Relief from Asthma :

When a patient gets an attack from asthma, he should lie on the side of his breathing nostril so that his other nostril starts operating.Keep this position for half an hour to get some relief.He may keep that nostril closed for a month to increase relief process by plugging the other one.

Experience tells right swara is useful to remove the Asthma continuosly.

7. To Cure Blood Pressure

Activate right swara in low blood pressure and left swara in high blood pressure.

Note : Swara can be helpful in telling the actual position of the patient about his death or life.

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