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  Benefits of Rudrakshya Mala

7 Aug 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Benefits of Rudrakshya Mala

Introduction of Rudrakshya Mala

Rudrakshya is a seed traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism .It is associated with the Hindu diety Lord Shiva . Here , “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and “Akshya “ stands for Shiva `s tears . The questions that always  comes to yoga and meditation practitioner about Rudrakhsya that Why it is so called tears of Lord Shiva . Actually when the Sati who is called called `Dakshyani ‘ – Daughter of Dakshya .Also  the first wife of Shiva  , who was also parvati , sati `s reincartation after the sati`s death .More about Benefits of Rudrakshya Mala…

When the Dakshya insulted Sati in front of all guests during  a fire ceremony saying that Lord Shiva is disgusting and terrible person , Sati felt humiliated and jumped into the `Agni kunda ‘(fire pit ).When Lord Shiva knew about  this incindent ,he got angry and plucked his hair lock and stroke it on the ground and form that strikes two deities was born called Virbhadra and Bhadrakali .Shiva ordered them to destroy fire ceremony and kill Dakshya immediately .

After the death of Sati , Shiva carried dead body in his hands  and flew towards kailasha where shiva lived and during that time  Shiva was in deep sorrow so , some of the tears fallen into earth from his eyes and that became rudrakshya  . After the Sati`s death , shiva was so sad then he started meditating for so many years . When he opened his eyes , the teardrops started to fall as a deep sadness and attachment for many years . This is how Rudrakhsya was formed .

The seeds are primarily used in Nepal and India as beads for organic jwellery  or malas and are valued similarly to semi – precious stones . From one mukhi – 21 mukhi beads  , a Rudrakshya  Mala is available in different combinations having significant meaning and values .

Scientific benefits of Rudrakshya

1)Rudrakshya mala protects wearer from negative energies like ghosts , evil spirits and other such malefic components of our world .

2) Rudrakshya Mala creates a cocoon on their own energy helping the wearer  sleep easily and make other adjustments smoothly .

3)It is known for its mystic healing properties that  can help cure various physical and emotional disorders .

4) Rudrakhsya beads can increase focus and concentration .

5) It can also be used for water purification purpose .

6)it also helps to improves our physical health .

7) Rudrakhsya brings peace , tranquility , and calmness to the person wearing it .

Spiritual benefits of Rudrakshya

1)Increases devotion as its origin is related with the hindu diety Lord Shiva .

2) Safeguards its wearer from negative energy

3)A Rudrakshya is supportive for the certain practices like chanting of mantra .

4) Rudrakshya beads increases thinking capacity , concentration power and wisdom .

5)Remove the  fear of death and feelings of detachment .

6)  It creates positive aura .

7)  Also gives the blessings of Shiva

8) helps to balance water element .

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