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Application of Ether Element Therapy

27 Jul 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Ether Element Therapy

1. Introduction of Ether Element therapy

Ether is the first element appeared in this universe which is the most effective, pervasive, indestructible and universal. It is formless, invisible and subtle element. It is the most subtle manifestation of supreme soul or cosmic intelligence where as other four elements are gross. It is believed that all the devatas or God and Goddess who are immortal live in ether element (Sky). We don’t absolutely become immortal but we are able to attain sound health, inner peace, cosmic power, pure energy on presence of ether element. No existence is possible in absence of ether element. It is a fact that if ether element was not created, nothing could exist, even human being.Further about Ether Element Therapy

Mahatma Gandhi has described ether element as “King of Health” and also had said to know the mastery of ether element is like knowing the mastery of supreme soul (Pramatma). The more we use this great element the more we will be free from all ailments. If we establish relation with ether element directly or indirectly which is infinite, our body, mind and soul become completely healthy and blissful. To attain the ether element sufficiently, one should stay or sleep in open sky fasting (Upavaasa) is a powerful means to attain this element but we have lot of teachniques and ways to gain better health and better life by attaining the ether element.  In our body, the ether element is specially located in head, throat, ear, heart, stomach, vessels, skin, and other space. Major functions of this element are sorrow, purity, openness, love, compassion, kindness, joy, sex, fear, anger.

Physiology of Ether Element:

Just as ether element is all around us, it is also within us. Between holes in the skin intra space of cells, the hollow of the cannels, vessels, cavities, tracts there is ether element. We should not fill up the empty space occupied by ether wherever the space is more; there are more vital forces or cosmic power. However we try to enrich the ether element, able to get more vital power and easily recover the diseases. When the body is sick it needs sound rest and purity which cure the diseases. The reasons of proper recovering through different ways of healing in contact  of ether element, just lying in open places, staying in clean and fresh environment, doing the fasting and other different means of ether element application, body organs gain inner rest, become pure, regulation of circulation, speed up elimination, generation of vital energy that cure the diseases.

As this principles, just stay in big room, open house, less and less stock in living rooms, live in nature, close to nature, love to nature, lots of physical, biological, hormonal, psychological, spiritual changes  are attained that leads the permanent cure, wholesome development and rejuvenation of life.

Types of means used in ether element therapy :

Ether element has a vital role in all aspects of health and disease management. Naturopathy treatment is started from use of ether element and also this application will be continued after recovery for whole life as well. The patient is advised to apply ether element like rightful living, art of happiness, prosperity to rest and relaxation, deep sleep by counseling and also doctors say to be positive, to do fasting, etc. Wild animals when they become sick, firstly they leave the eating and get a complete rest. This is natural phenomena. But we do not follow the rule, why? This is our weak point and ignorance to attain natural living.

To enrich the ether element in the body the following means are applied.

  1. Ether bath and closeness to nature therapy
  2. Brahmacharya (Cosmic Path) Therapy
  3. Self control Therapy
  4. Rightful living therapy
  5. Mental disciplinary therapy
  6. Rest, relaxation and Recreation Therapy
  7. Art of happiness
  8. Maunavrtta (Silence) therapy
  9. Sound sleep therapy
  10. Antaranga (Internal) Yoga Therapy
  11. Upavaasa ( Fasting) therapy

Means and Modules of Ether element therapy :

Ether element is one of the elements of panchatattva.  As the application of this element, different means or techniques can be attempted in different patterns or modules on the basis of diagnosis, needs and conditions of a person and also availability of devices and sources. To attain the ether element therapy, various techniques or means can be used in different patterns or modules. Each means can be modulated according to nature of problems, conditions, needs and other required factors. Time, duration, gap, season, age, sex, interest, will power, effort, dosha, nature are referenced to ensure and design the means and modules of treatment.

  • Ether Bath and closeness to Nature Therapy:

Ether bath is to stay in nature and feel the cosmic energy or natural power in atmosphere. It is like a meditating process to connect to supreme soul. It is done in brahmamuhurta kaala, early in the morning as for as possible, if not at any time of the day in open, natural and clean places. Ether bath is also known as cosmic shower. However we stay more and more time closeness to nature, naturally it becomes ether bath. So, most of time, if we pass in nature or open place, ether energy or cosmic power can sufficiently be attained from the atmosphere.

Treatment Module :

Treatment Name: Ether Bath and Closeness to Nature Therapy

Applied Parts: Whole Body (External and internal), Mind and spirit

Duration: 15 to 45 Minutes


  1. Stay in open, clean, fresh, natural, calm possibly early in the morning in comfortable position sitting or lying be wearing less, loose, light, thin, and clean.
  2. Just sit in gardens, in jungle, in farms, bank of rivers, nearby waterfalls, base of Himalayas, beach of seas and walk or visit or treks in such nature freely
  3. Just be close to nature, feel the energy and enjoy on it.

Useful In:

Refresh the body and mind, give complete rest and relaxation in body and mind, oxygenate the lungs, blood and skin, calm and harmonize the entire body and mind, make better sense good feeling, and positive, enhance the vital, heal the physical and mental illness, upgrade the spiritual power.


It should be less pollution venue or spot.

It should be normal climate, no rain, no clod, no hot, no windy if practice is done outsides.

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