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8 Jul 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


“AUM Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah”
SMS for, Health, Happiness and Harmony
S – stands for Straight Body.
M – stands for Mind Fullness
S – stands for Smiling

There is medical and scientific evidence today that if we are happy for 24 hours without a moment of tension, anxiety, irritation, and agitation, if we are just blissful for 24 hours, our intellect, the sharpness of ours intellect could go up hundred percent. Our body and mind function better way. Medically and scientifically, we can prove it today your chemistry will change everything about you will change if we just remain very joyful but we say that we meditate, we do yoga like this. We wouldn’t say to use the word yoga what is used today because when we see the yoga that people are doing in modern society, particularly in the west , it scares us because it’s a cell, it’s a very subtle technology, it’s not an exercise, people think it’s an exercise, if we want to just stay fit play tennis, swim, climb a mountain, you will be fit.  Lets talk about SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS

You don’t have to do yoga for that see the yogic system is profound science of aligning the geometry of body with cosmic geometry when I say aligning the geometry of your body with cosmic geometry what we need to understand is that solar system is working  like a potter’s wheel to generate this body, the Adi yogi, the first yoga over fifteen thousand years ago said this unless human body evolves further these are no others ways and human body cannot evolve further unless there are some fundamental changes in the solar system or the arrangement of the planets today the modern neurologists are saying  something very similar uncanny that they think something very similar after fifteen thousand years.

Hello & Namaste

The big question is that lots of people are asking, is evolve also can human brain further so now they are saying the physical laws, not the neurological principles. The physical laws will not allow human brain to evolve further because the only way it can evolve is you can increase the size of the neurons or the number of neurons in the brain.

In other hand, happiness is the thing that appears from inside, this eternal and pervasive. It does not come from physical things, materialistic ways of life that easily we can’t purchase from outsides somewhere else. It is not artificial or man-made. It comes from inside via mind and soul. By getting something physical tools or gift or any tools, normally we will be happy but this is not true, it seemed temporarily and incomplete. For real happiness nothing is needed, doesn’t matter for physical gain or achievement.

We don’t need any causes to be happy, doesn’t mean that any conditions are required for happiness, it is absolutely eternal, and entire flow come from mind and heart or soul. It is the state of satchittananda (sat – chitta – ananda) that means true and blissful state of mind. “Santosha paramo Sukhah” it means that Contentment is supreme happiness. If you are satisfied, you won’t have desires and you will be happy. If you don’t have any desires, you will be satisfied and then you will happy. Further about SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS

Just be in something for need but not for desires. You always do for fulfillment of your entire need but not looking something else for your desires. Try to be human and divine but not to be animals. Animals get rest when got tired and eat when hungry , but animal does not say that I am so stress, please dear! let me smoke once. So “be happy, be jolly be cheerful”


Yogacharya Subodh Simkhada

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