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A Guide to Buti Yoga – Benefits of hottest yoga and reason behind its craze explained

25 Sep 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Buti Yoga

 What is Buti Yoga?

It can be explained as a new type of yoga with a hottest craze among women that combines traditional yoga poses with  jump training (plyometrics) , tribal dancing , and burst of cardio-vascular movements .

It`s a classroom full of high-energy individuals with high intensity workouts and loud music. Buti yoga is far different than traditional yoga but focuses in the deep awareness of the mind and body`s connection. Buti is a practice of going within to discover your power potential.

The Buti Yoga system is marketed specifically to women as a female empowerment workout. This workout uplift , motivate and allow women to set aside ego and embrace their own beauty and build confidence.

Physical Benefits of Buti Yoga

The physical benefits differs from the traditional form of yoga because of the amount of movement and stress added to your body. It utilizes the method of Spiral Sturcture Technique(SST), which forms the basis for Buti yoga`s dynamic flow sequence. Spinal movements mean that it`s strengthening all parts of  the abdominal muscle groups, from the inner to top, top to bottom. SST uses spinal movements to tone of the core , rather than the linear movements found in many yoga practices. This spiral movements are thought to be more appropriate for a woman`s body .

The amount of sweat is considerable in comparison to traditional yoga  classroom. During one class, one can burn 800-1000 calories.

How is Buti Yoga Unique ?

As Buti Yoga creates the link between traditional and modern yoga practices while adding unique dance moves to keep the audience active and more interested. Also , the major movements you`ll do in Buti are designed to activate all of the abdominal muscle groups utilizing spiral structure technique (SST) . It not only prioritize on transforming the body from the outside ,but helps to unify and balance body, mind, and soul. Buti yoga intends to tone the core and energize  the divine feminine energy inside.

Through Buti yoga , the Divine feminine energy also called shakti that lies dormant at the spine gets released through exercises such as hip rotations, or powerful yoga movements, to sculpt and  mold the body from the outside, incorporating the strong feminine power from within.

Who Created Buti Yoga?

Founded by Celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold. Created in 2010, Gold  said Buti yoga was her way of using movement to heal her body. She is known to have coached and worked with the celebrities to shape and make their  bodies for Hollywood.Gold infuses all of her teaching and advisory services with the core belief that we should build the world they want to live in- not just complain about it. Her empire has grown to include more  than 1000 instructors and over 15 countries worldwide. Generally marketed towards women as a tool of empowerment.

Buti came from the an Indian Marathi word that means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.”

Buti yoga is a Shakti Awakning yoga practice that fuses power yoga , tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout. It is empowering a growing tribe of women around the world. It created a deeper connection between the body, mind and soul.

Bizzie wanted to create a yoga that tones and sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner  transformation ,encouraging the power , confidence  and the knowledge to know we can help ourselves.

What are the spiritual and emotional benefits of Buti Yoga

The Buti yoga focuses on removing the  blockage in our chakras , especially in first and second chakra which is responsible to activate our sexuality, power, and confidence. We all are born with these qualities. The result of this blockage usually leads to tighten hips and closed minds.

The movement in Buti Yoga helps to open and align these chakras by cultivating a new awareness of our mind and body`s connection and defining our views on ourselves and considering  our potential and limits.

Is Buti Yoga only for women?

Buti Yoga is for both men and women, and it is designed to be an engaging, fast-paced workout that finds comfort in their sexuality. A lot of  women are attracted towards the practice, but  plenty of men have too. It is the practice of developing self love and confidence. The exercises aim to spiral the body, working into the core and stabilizing the muscles.

This can also be popular choice for women after childbirth, as the core stabilizing exercises can help women with diastatis recti-the  abdominal separation women often experience during pregnancy.

What to expect during a Buti Yoga?          

You can expect to have a best time in your life. You will feel far better physically, emotionally and mentally than when you came in.

The buti yoga welcome individuals from the different backgrounds of yoga as well as all ages. Here , we can see the individual just be starting yoga in their sixties or a teacher in their thirties and still in the classroom. That`s the beauty of the classroom.

This practice is quite challenging as intentional shaking, tribal dancing and cardio-intense practice are done. It feels like  the dance class , with a couple  of  traditional yoga poses chuckled along the way but it meets individual at the level they are. Whether you are just a beginner or a advanced  yogi , you can just attend a class and feel out of place. Partly because you don`t need to have a lot of yoga experience to prepare for this course.

You can expect music and most of women wearing shorts and sports bra. This clothing practice is intentional within the classroom as there is a mirror that helps patrons visually see abdominal muscles to know when they are fully activated and when they`re not.

Of course, if you don`t feel comfortable wearing these clothes , you can wear whatever makes you comfortable. It`s a practice to devlelop yout self-love and self acceptance .

The class`s energy is high;you can expect shouting from the instructor, who will make patrons feels motivated with hoots to maintain engagement. Class runs about 60-90 minutes.

What are some moves of Buti Yoga?

When entering in the Buti Yoga class , expect more than the traditional yoga moves. Consider the most fast paced dance moves, with the jumping movements that will cause to produce good amount of sweat making you feel more awakened , relaxed refreshed and revitalized.

  1. Climber: It works in the abdominal muscles, strengthen the arms , back and legs.To start this move, first be in plank position. Inhale to engage the core, and to drop the hips down. Exhale and slowly raise your hips , round the back towards the ceiling, keep head lifted, pull the left knee towards your chest, and then return – alternative side.
  2. Slide exercises: This mainly focuses on the legs, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and rear. Squat with feet together with a slight forward bend, keep palms together in front of the chest. Move right leg out towards the side, with toes touching the ground. Staying in the squat, extend the left arm diagonally overhead, while allowing the right arm to fall to the side- Alternative sides.
  3. Straddle Exercises- This exercises Stimulates abs, obliques and back while strengthing shoulders, arms and hips. For this exercise, you have to stand on your feet wider than your shoulder level. Keep legs straight but not locked. Lean backward and engage the upper half of the abs by tcking inward. Extend both arms towards the sides at shoulder level and shift torso from the left to right . Repeat quickly side to side.
  • Break it down: This exercises stimulates the abdominal muscles, back and strengthens the butt and legs. To start, start with aparting feet at shoulder length apart, bending over, keeping the legs straight. Engage and move feet to the left and bend  both knees. Drop right knees towards the centre but keep lifted. With palms remaining on the floor, hop legs back.
  • Butt workout:This exercises strengthens abs , legs, butts, or hips. Sqaut with feet slightly apart, toes pointed outwards, resting hands on the top of your thighs. Inhale, squeeze the abdominal muscles and push to pelvis forward. Then exhale, engaging the lower back muscles, and  pushing the tailbone backward. Continue moving quickly between two positions.

Is Buti Yoga worth a  try ?

It is obvious that , it is a different approach to yoga than the traditional yoga and to answer that question depends on what the individual looks for when attending. For variety ,and something fast paced , Buti yoga will deliver. As with any class , there is handful of pros and cons that depend on what someone is  hoping to take away.

However, Observing the praises, it seems like it`s worthy of giving it a shot. Not only on the physical aspect , it focuses on the emotional elements and insight alone.

The community that surrounds Buti yoga cultivate the idea of inclusively, self awareness, and promoting self- love. Surrounding people with like – minded viewpoints and perspectives that wish to build others up , support and encourage growth, we think it is always a positive environment that promotes the positivity. That is still something to try.

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