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Yogasana That Will Help To Increase Your Height And Strength

31 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


By Swami Yog Subodh – School of Hatha Yoga

Height has to be the major concern in the society for as far as we can remember. No matter how much we want to debate on it, this fact will remain true. The fact is that height is not in our hand every time. It is the genetic formation of our body that allows us to grow or have accuracy with it. However, when it comes to Yogasana To Increase Your Height , yes there are many options that we can apply for this. The fun thing is that not everyone will go for them. But they are extremely beneficial in terms of healthy body, good height and strength.

Yogasana To Increase Height

1. Tadasana: This is one of the poses where one has to work on every single part from head to toe. This Mountain pose forces the pressure on the body that makes them facilitate the growth hormone production in the body.
Tadasana, it comes from the Sanskrit words “tada” means “mountain”. It is a simple standing posture, which forms the basis for all the standing asanas. … Tadasana is the beginning and ending asana of Surya Namaskar. You can do this asana in two different position and try both of them as your comfortable ability level.

2. Triyaka Tadasana: Triyaka Tadasana, a form of tadasana is done in standing position that makes us bend left and right to the extent possible with your arms above our head, straight and palms fixed to each other and facing upwards.

3. Katichakrasana: The name of this yoga posture, Katichakrasana, literally means rotation of the waist. It gives a nice stretch to the waist and helps in making it more flexible and supple. it takes very little time to do the stretch and it benefits your body in many ways. A simple yet very effective yoga posture, Katichakrasana carries the power to heal constipation if practied regularly and accurately. pronounce the name of this yoga posture insanskrit as Katee- cha-kraahs-un-uh.

4. Bhujangasana: One of the most popular and effective asana is bhujangasana which works on abs, upper back, lower back muscles, helps in cutting back the excess fat around the stomach. it is also one of the best asana for body strength.

5. Hasta-Padasana: Hastapadasana is a variation of the Padasana. It is effective for body stretching and increasing height as it elongates the spine and at the same time stretches the hamstring muscles.

6. Trikonasana: It works on the principle of a triangle and hence is named as triangle pose. This type of pose allows an individual to work on the requirement of the body with eyes closed. It recalls the basic requirement with the centric power. It is best to do in the morning with an empty stomach for best results. This pose is usually done by beginners to get started with the whole height process.

7. Sukhasana: This type of pose is also famous as a pleasant pose. The best part about this pose is that it is not limited to a particular height and anyone can take advantage of it. This is one of the most done meditation poses which is recommended in the morning for best effects.

8. Marjariasana: The pose is extremely famous with the name of cat pose. In this pose, the one can attain the flexible body and trigger the growth hormones. This is mainly recommended with an empty stomach and hence it is better to follow in the morning. This few seconds pose have the ability to show the wonderful effect on height.

9. Shirshasana: This is the pose that is extensively used as the Yoga for Height Increase. This headstand pose helps in triggering the hormones that work for the incensement of height. The best part is that it works amazingly well with the pituitary gland and apply pressure on the right place.

So, these are the major poses that are followed in order to increase the height or get the hormones working and also for attempting the good strength. If you are above 25 then it might not work that amazingly but a few inches can be gained.

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