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Yoga for Peace

27 Oct 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga for Peace

Peace is distributed at the physical level. Peace is disturbed at the mental level. Sometimes Nature become violent and agitated. This happens is Space, in intergalactic, interstellar and interplanetary space. This happens inside stars, planets sand our  planet- the earth .Water in the sea and rivers may be agitated. Air may develop low pressure and localized vacuums. Whirlwind and cyclones may disturb the air –mass. Disturbance of peace may be observed in the plant kingdom. We do not know if these components of Nature are mentally disturbed. Traditionally, the word ‘mind’ has been hardly applicable to them, although the Vedanta holds that everything, living or non-living , other than Brahma has a mind. Physical disturbance is not uncommon in nature.

Homo-sapiens (the human species) occupies a special position on the earth. This is due to the evolution of the human brain. We have maintained that mind ( a subtle micro-structure with various micro-components too) is different from the brain which is part of the gross body. We have  further maintained that the brain is the apparatus of the mind. According to  our theory, every created entity-macro or micro, gross or subtle and living or non-living – has a mind. This true irrespective of the possession or non-possesion of a brain by an entity. The electron, the proton or the neutron has a mind although none of these entities has a brain. There is no created entity without the possession of consciousness. Of course, the exhibition of the symptoms of consciousness varies in a long range due to the variation in the apparatus of the human mind, is the most evolved one among the living species on the earth. Hence,human consciousness has reached the zenith when we consider the terrestrial existence. For most purposes, peace is a word that is relevant to mental phenomena. Hence we gavev a short description of the controversial issue of brain-mind identity versus brain-mind distinction.

Physical agitation and violence do produe disturbance in the mind and thus disturb mental peace. Any simple ailment in any part of the body may seriously affect the mind. A physical event that is unfavourable to the normal functioning of the body may be a potent source of discomfort to cause peacelessness. But mental factors are different from physical ones in the genesis of peace-disturbances. One`s peace is disturbed when one does get success in a competitive examination. One may be disappointed in love-affairs. The death of a kith and kin may be shocking to one. One may be terribly upset in hostilities. Anger may produce serious disturbances in the peace of the mind. In the disturbance of peace, mental factors generally play a more pernicious and a more profound role than physical factors.

In physics and physical chemistry, there are three laws of thermodynamics. The second law contains the concept of entropy . this word was first introduced in 1850 by the German physicist Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausis. Entropy is a measure of the degradation of energy. The more energy degrades the higher the level of entropy. Otherwise speaking, entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system. The more the disorder, the more the entropy.

Brahman which is absolutely motionless, functionless and attributeless is absolutely devoid of entropy. The state of Brahman is the state of rta ( perfect order). With the appearance of the Cosmic Egg and its explosion, with the beginning of space and time and with the progress of cosmic activity, disorder( anrta) has been gradually increasing. The  increase in disorder is the same as the increase in entropy.

Some scientists are of the opinion that entropy is the arrow of time. Entropy tends to increase and finally will become maximum, Synchronizing the maximum disorderliness and the maximum entropy, equalization of temperature( isothermi condition) will take place. In that condition, without difference in temperature, the whole universe and zero available energy go together. Second, work is not possible in an isothermic universe. This is the supposed heat-death of the universe. The universe would remain in that non-functional condition for eternity.

We do not agree to the concept of the heat-death of the universe. The presently expanding universe will stop expansion and will start contracting. Finally, the volume of the contracting universe will be zero, with the total dissolution of the universe in Maya , the power of Brahman. Entropy will be zero consequent upon the total dissolution of the universe. There would be no adequate negentropy in the contracting phase to counterbalance entropy quantitatively. Negentropy does occasionally function in both the phase- expanding and contracting , but , quantitatively, entropy processes are far in excess of negentropy ones. Entropy will still increase in the phase of contraction. But the entropy will never  reach its  maximum stage with the concomitant zero available energy even at the maximum time( the time of dissolution) . Contraction is also a  work and no work can be  done without available energy.

More on Yoga For Peace

The hypothesis of a non-functional universe existing for eternity goes with the concept of the heat-death of the universe. Such a hypothesis is untenable, however. Time is not a physical entity. It is mental construct only. There cannot be time without work and events of work. We use the word ‘timelessness’ with reference to Brahman without a universe. Secondly, both the micro- and the micro-structures of the universe spend energy for maintaining their form and position. This involves expenditure of energy is not a valid preposition. Thirdly, no particle and no celestial body can exist without motion. And no motion is possible without expenditure ofavailable energy.

We took a side walk to encounter the issue of entropy , this issue is very important  in philosophy especially in the philosophy of cosmology . The source of the spring of disorder is absolute order. Only Brahman is in the state of perfect order. From order emanates disorder, From pure existence of no form, no attributes and no actions, emanates empirical existence of forms, attributes, and actions. The former is devoid of entropy. The latter develops entropy that grows and continues to grow. When the empirical universe is dissolved in the power of pure existence, Consciousness and Bliss, entropy also dissolves.

In the state of no entropy, there is perfect Peace (prasanti). That perfect peace is bliss( Ananda). It is not really joyfulness which is an attribute , whereas Bbrahman is attributeless (nirguna).

The  production and the growth of entropy in the universe from its birth to its death is a  natural phenomena. It cannot be prevented. We associate entropy with disorder. We associate peacelessness with disorder. Logically we can associate peacelessness with entropy. Hence it is natural for us to infer that peace in the total universe has a tendency to decline. Wre cannot do anything about it.

Let us now confine our discussion to the prospects of the promotion of peace by yoga. To achieve the end, we do not have a single technique which can do the miracle . Most of the things we have discussed in this second part of this book are to be made use of getting peace in life.

 We have to get rid of the six ripus(foes) , namely, desires, and especially sensual desires(kama), anger(krodha), greed ( lobha), delusion(moha) , pride and arrogance ( mada) and malice ( matsarya) . We have to observe the six yamas, namely, non- violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, celibacy, or abstention, form sexual excess and immoral sex- indulgence, and non- acceptance of unearned wealth and non- accumulation of wealth. We should be clean. In spite of our utmost efforts and honest and benign strivings , we may not get what we expect. We should be contented with whatever we get irrespective of our expectations. We should be prepared for any suffering if that scriptures and get good knowledge on Brahman. We should be prepared for any suffering if that becomes necessary for a good cause. We should study good scriptures and get good knowledge on Brahman. We should dedicate all our work to God and take refuge in him. Complete surrender to God purges all worries from the mind and saturates the mind with peace.

Meditation renders the mind peaceful. It makes the mind calm and removes all types of agitation from  it. It quietens the mind. If one sits in meditation at least twice a day( in the morning and the evening) , one`s mental whirlwind will subside and mental disturbances will be quietened. Meditation still the mind . Stilling the mind brings peace.

Meditation culminating in Samadhi , the eighth and last limb of yoga, achors the yogi`s buddhi in God. When it is done, the yogi becomes a sthitaprajna. He stays in Brahma (brahmi sthiti). After attaining to this state of yoga, the yogi`s life is fulfilled with peace.

Some persons and some societies in the modern age live in affluence. But there is a vacuum of peace in their mind. The affluent modern man, with the plenty of wealth, with plenty of comforts and luxury, and with plenty of sensual gratification, commits suicide out of complete disgust in life. He has everything except peace. He is alienated from the Self. He identifies himself with matter. His body is all that he is. He is the body-machine. He wants sensual pleasure. He gets it and gets plenty of it. Still he is not satisfied. He is frustrated. He lives a meaningless life. He craves for peace. He does not get it. He shall get if he lives a yogic life.

Info in Bhagavad-Gita

The Bhagavad-Gita has rightly given emphasis on peace in a number of places. The water of a river in spate has whirlpools here and there. With that type of agitation continued, the river-water cannot be calmed. Whirlwind is caused by low pressure that creates partial vaccum. Cyclones and tornados are caused by low pressures in the atmosphere over the sea. A tempestuous atmosphere with a violent storm over the ruffled sea that is tumultuously agitated cannot be calmed unless the cause is removed. The Gita advises to uproot the causes of mental agitation and prescribes techniques to still the mind. In order to be united with the Cosmic Self, the yogi has to become a prasantatma( with a serene and tranquil self). A peaceful mind becomes a prerequisite for advanced yogic attainments.

 The Vedic seer foresaw this predicament of Homo sapiens. Daily he prayed for peace.

Let there be peace in the heaven; peace in space; peace on the earth; peace in water; peace in medicinal plants; peace in plant kingdom; peace for all gods; peace for the whole universe; peace for all; Peace. Peace. Peace.

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