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1 Jul 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal



Life is very complex with various complexities, problems and stresses. We have come into 21st century and have been using the modern science and technology in every walk of life. We always think ourselves how to be healthy and happy on the way of the luxurious and sophisticated life. We have been working hard and also being so much busy in order to have better and success life. But in return we are getting frustration, sadness, unsuccessful and lots of illness in daily life. Although one hand we are getting more and more health services and facilities, but other hand our health and life is becoming more critical and aimless. The slogan “Health for All” is incomplete here in our contest. Learn about YOGA FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY

Yoga is science of human consciousness and an ancient science with integrated systems which can open our hidden potentials. Our qualities of love, joy, security, confidence, discrimination, intelligence and intuition, higher abilities and awareness expand as we practice yoga.

10 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training

Why Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy has proved effective in a variety of disorders and is being used today not only by yoga practitioner but by wider circles of medical and paramedical practitioners. Yoga offers a significant variety of proven health benefits. Yoga therapy is important for maintaining our all aspects of health and diseases like physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and ecological aspects: Hence yoga therapy is used for the following reasons.

1. Therapeutic and physiological changes such as:

– bringing the purity in the body.

– increasing the efficiency of heart and slows the respiratory rate.

– Lowering the blood pressure.

– reducing stress and anxiety

– improving good digestion and good sleep

– increasing the immunity power

– working out as supplementary therapy for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, migraine, AIDS, etc.

– regulating hormonal secretions in the body

– developing the faith, belief and positivity which are permanently essential for management of diseases

– relaxing the mind and keeping peace and calm

2. Cheaper and comfortable means.

3. No equipments are needed.

4. It can be practiced at home.

5. no doctors are needed.

6. It covers preventive, curative, promotion, rehabilitative and rejuvenative aspects in life                                                                           

Basic principles of Yoga Therapy:

Application of yama-niyama on psychological development;

Proper use of shatakarma for elimination of toxins of gross body

Provision of well efficiency and activity of nervous, Skelo-muscular and Endocrine system by Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra and meditation

Application Dietetics rules and Food Behavior Change;YOGA FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY

Basic Elements of Yoga Therapy:

Yama – Niyama

Shatakarma E



Mudra and Bandha

Relaxation and Meditation

Aahaara (Dietetics)  

Some Yogic Models  As Yogic Therapy
 First Model (Behavior Base):
To get natural immunity or life force energy for better  health and for curing various diseases; the following ideal rules should be applied that will deal  initially better health and  then super consciousness and super happiness.

1. Samyak Aahara (Positive Food):
“Anna Brahma” means food is divine, so we should pray food. It is said that “We are what we eat.” Our body is composed and developed by food. First covering sheath is Annamaya Kosa. So, we should maintain good food discipline as Aahara Yoga.                                                                                                                      
* Organic product                           * Way of preparing and cooking 
* Right amount of food                * Right quality of food                  
* Right time of eating                               * Right way of eating                                                * Natural tastes and colors          
* Acid-Basic ratio                                      * Positive sense while eating

2. Samyak Vihara (Positive Karmas):                                                               “Activity + Creativity = Wholesome Personality” that is life and itself is Yoga. There is no action, no life. Our body is like living machine, so we need to have positive and regular activities as biological cycle for maintaining our life existence in better way.  
* Active Life with good karmas                                             
* Moderate & Scientific Exercises                   
* Warm up                                                                               
* Yogasana practice                                                                   
 * Spiritual Tour and Travel                                              
* Jogging/ Morning walk /Nature visit                                                                  
 * Walking 4 to 6 KM per Day for our Heart and Lungs

3. Samyak Vishram (Rest and Relaxation): 
Proper rest and relaxation alleviate the pain & pressure, tiredness & fatigue. It re-energizes the body and refreshes the body. It keeps our life calm, peace and harmony.
* Resting postures          
 * Relaxation activities                                                                         
* Recreational Activities                                                           
* Hobbies                                                                           
* Fun and Entertainment                                                     
  * Peace and Love

4. Samyak Vichara (Positive Thinking) with the application of Yama-niyama:YOGA FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY                            

What we think, same thing happens in life. So we should have positive thinking to drive our life in better way and resolve (Sankalpa) with strong commitment.                                                                                                                      *Apply rules of Yama                                                        
*Apply rules of Niyama                   
* be optimist                   
* Positive speech                                                              
  * Positive listening                          
* Think positive                                                                   
* Mouna Practice                                                              
 * Do meditation

5. Samyak Shuddi (Absolute Purity):
Purity is our intrinsic quality but our body and mind is being toxified day to day. So we should apply different techniques and measures to purify the body                                                                                                                                    * do ushapana                                            
* intake of enough water                 
 * drink herbal tea                              
* intake of laxative food                             
* do shatakarmas                              
* sankhaprakshalana kriya                                                                     
* do vatasara kriyas                                   
* do panchakarma                                                                     

6. Samyak Jeevan (Positive Life)
The balance and positive life activities build up better life through different dimensions.
* Better life management              
* Biological clockwise life                                   
* Natural life cycle                           
* Stress management                     
 * Save the nature                             
* Keep the sense of humors                                   

7. Samyak Upachara (Positive Healing): 
For alleviating the illness and gaining the natural healing power. We should apply the natural healing therapies for management of illness.
* Remedial healing                             * Acupressure                                     
* Naturopathy                              * Herbal Therapy                             
 * Magnetic Healing                                             

* Reiki Healing                                                            * Spiritual Healing                             * Yogic Healing                                                            * Marma chikista                 
* Diet Therapy                                   * Massage Therapy                                       * Pranik Healing

Second Model Behavior Model:      

 “yogakarmasukousalam that means we should perform any action on artful, skilful, truthful base. Do well while doing, eating, drinking, cooking, speaking, playing, walking, driving, writing, reading, thinking, working whatever you do daily and also helpful to manage treat any types of problems as well. Futher about YOGA FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY

*Start your day with Sankalpa / Resolve- Example: Just for today I will do my work honestly -3 times.                                                                            

*Ushapana- drinking water 150 ml to 1000 ml early in the morning just after wake up.                                                                                                                                *Then 2 minutes walking with breathing in open space wherever possible.                                                                                                                
 *Do very simple/light exercises-
* Stretch up the body 3 times with breathing like Tadasana.
* Bend the body side left-3 and right-3 times like Triek Tadasana.
* Twist the body left-3 and right -3 times like simple katichakrasana.                                                                                                                            
 *Then keep empty your bowel and bladder. 
*Do Jala neti (Nasal cleansing) every day or alternately or as need.
*Morning walk 4 to 6 km for total Health OR Half an hour aerobics exercise
*Maintain Vajrasana and Savasana time to time.
*15-30 minutes Pranayama and 15-30 minutes Meditation daily.                                                                                                         
  *Drink 3 to 5 litres water and eat satwik food daily.
*Live in present by performing each and every action consciously.                                                                                                 
*End your day by remembering full day’s activities and encourage yourself with sankalpa.                                                                                
*Self-study of Vedas, spiritual science, yoga science, nature science, human science and about you yourself at least 15 minutes to more.
*Self realization and recognition of you yourself.
*Keep your lumbar, back, cervical, head in a straight line.
*Take a slow, long & deep breath or Full Breathing up to Navel. 
*Keep your mind free from all negativities and toxicities.
*Live in Nature with full of relaxation and joy.
*Do Kumbhakas and Mudras.                                                            

Yoga is such a science which works perfectly in all aspects of health and life by preventing, curing, promoting, rehabilitating and rejuvenating the life. Then we can say that this is the integrated Practice of health and life physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and ecologically as complete solution in human life. Actually Yoga is practiced by healthy persons and also by all ages and all classes but not considered as the practice of ill persons. These days yoga is becoming the holistic healing science for all and also becoming a subject of worldwide interest. That is positive point.So this were YOGA FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HARMONY

Peace Mantra (Shanti Patha)
 “Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya! Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu Ma Kaschida, Dukha Bhaga Bhaveta!!”



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