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Why Yoga Retreats in Nepal

4 Aug 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Why yoga Retreats In Nepal????

Nepal is land of ancient wisdom and philosophy, land of Rishibhoomi (Sages and seers), Land of Tapobhoomi ( Sadhana Zone), Land of Shiva, Land of Veda Vyasa, land of Maharshi Kapil, Land of Maharshi Patanjali, land of Yogi Matsyendranath, Yogi Gorakhnath, Land of Buddha, Land of King Janak. It is also considered as dev bhoomi (Land of divine Power).  Thousands of Saints, sages, seers and  Yogins were born and used to practice here on lap Hills, rivers, mountains, jungles.

People are so much stressed and suffered with modern life and technologies. People are unhealthy and unhappy due to the absence of nature and cultures, so they need free and real retreats where they will attempt the relief from the hustle and bustle of life, from busy and crazy of life.

  But Nepal is such a land where we can get natural beauty, cultural things, different costumes, traditions, lifestyles, natural energy, and spiritual energy. Here the people will naturally refreshed, happy, fell sense of humanity, originality, feel the real and karmic life which is plus points for retreats.

Some Reasons to do Yoga retreats in Nepal:

  1.  Right adjustment of Natural resources
  2. Seeing of Natural and original beauties
  3. Feeling of Energy of spiritual land
  4. Energy of Himalayas, such as third pole of the world.
  5. Country of Peace, love and Harmony, influence of land of Buddha
  6. Rich in Cultures, so will have great experiences
  7. Cultural foods as different cultures, festivals, ethnics group
  8. Core value of Rest, relaxation and recreation
  9. Experience of Upavas (Fast) and Maunavratta (Speechless)
  10. Silence eating, silence walking experiences
  11. Open hearts, intuition, entire potency
  12. Rejuvenation of life on land of Yoga and spirituality
  13. Experience of Ultimate land for Spiritual sadhana in life

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