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What is Yoga ?

5 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

What is Yoga

Current Overview:

Everybody knows what yoga is. Yoga is being done in health club, in beauty parlor, in stadium, movies shooting studio, Gym hall, Aerobics Chamber, Zumpa hall, Theater, etc. The celebrities cum all stars are doing nowadays to maintain fitness and keep them thin & slim. They are thinking that yoga is great role and very important in glamour zone as well.  Now let’s talk and find out what they are actually doing that tells us whether it is yoga or not. So, Learn What is Yoga……….

First Angle:

Physical jerks at the Gym Play? The more they are smooth, easy and balance; they may perform true yoga practices. But many what now they approach, are the just the aerobics series , and physical trainings using  yoga postures as their form, and because of the  quick extreme stretching with bouncing ‘ballistic’ movements they are not yoga, is just the Yogasana postures. The fundamental ethics of physical training is “No pain No Gain” but it is not yoga. 

Second Angle with something:

 Yoga has been proved to be a beneficial stress –relieving system, and can be used by anyone right in the middle of a stressful situation, close but only a small part of it. The Yoga classes at modern yoga studios, of which are tens of thousands throughout the world. So far as they are taught by experienced yoga teachers who have been there using simple techniques suited to the fitness, flexibility, and experience of the student, they may do a small amount of what we try to accomplish from Yoga.

Third Angle with different ideology:

Sometimes, somewhere the people / yogins in deep meditation in a cave and camp are also an image people usually have. However most of yogins are deeply involved in the world for the benefits of the world and the people in it and certainly have little time for sitting in caves. These people think meditation is supper, is everything. Some people think yoga & meditation or meditation & yoga are different science or different practices for different purpose. In fact what it is.

People have many ideas of what yoga is, but rarely do they come anywhere near the width and depth of yoga. The object of this article is to express a right image of the extent of yoga, and to explain how we can use it in our lives to realize our highest potentials and dimensions. It makes us acknowledge about the true sense of yoga science, its true understanding and daily applications.

Meaning of Yoga: What is Yoga

Yoga means is the sate of oneness achieved by uniting, yoking, harmonizing, equalizing, connecting.

Definition of Yoga:

There are many definitions of yoga given in different sacred texts and also some are practically applied as conditionally and unconditionally. Yoga is more about meditation. Throughout the meditation we reach in Yoga.  Meditation is the final tool or the final key for yoga. So we can’t say Yogaa and meditation, but we can say yogasana and meditation or meditation and Yoga or Samadhi as well at least.

Somewhere point in yoga studios, I heard and read as well that they are saying yoga and meditation and also say that “ We teach both yoga  and meditation” in our center. In fact that is wrong. The right thing is to say that we teach just “Yoga”, not need to say that we teach yoga and meditation because all the things are means of Yoga, which is not different from yoga. Yoga is mastery over mind, is more about meditation.

Yoga is generally defined as:

Yoga is the realization of union of body, mind and soul. It is the science of self-realization throughout the body, mind, and soul. Yoga is not done, is achieved. It is not physical activity, is achieved from performance of these activities. It is the state of proper functioning by uniting of hardware, software, and current together.

Yoga is defined as “Management of Life”.  It has three aspects body management by physical yoga ( Hatha Yoga), Mind management by concentration and meditation ( Raja Yoga) and power manage by energy recharge ( Prana Yoga). It is also known as “A way of Living”. We learn how to be healthy, how to be happy and how to be conscious. How is the day, for Night; how is the night, for day.

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