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Uddiyana Bandha (Upward Abdominal Lock)

20 Oct 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Uddiyana Bandha (Upward Abdominal Lock)


Uddiyana is a Sanskrit word meaning “to rise up.” In this bandha, energy moves upward more forcefully than it does in Mula Bandha. Uddiyana bandha stimulates the abdominal muscles, involuntary muscles and internal organs as they are pulled in, while the chest lifts upward and inward. Though it is highly recommended for those struggling with constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite, and dysfunction of internal organs, the uddiyana bandha can boost the practitioner’s metabolism and promote healthy function of the vital organs, adrenal gland, thereby relieving stress and tension. It also energizes the heart chakra (anahata), promoting kindness and compassion.

Uddiyana Bandha – Upward Abdominal Lock

Uddiyana bandha is an abdomen lifting lock that locks the Prana in the abdomen region. In this bandha, we draw our navel part (abdomen) in and upward. After Moola Bandha, one should practice the Uddiyana Bandha:

-The Kundalini energy flows in an upward direction. It flows from the root of the spine to the head. Once we set kundalini energy free to flow through the spine, it reaches the abdomen part.

-To clear the obstacles in the way of Kundalini energy at the abdomen region, we lock prana at this part. This stimulates the Manipura Chakra. This process is done by practicing Uddiyana Bandha. That’s why Moola Bandha is followed by Uddiyana Bandha.

-Uddiyana means flying upward. It is practiced by contracting the navel in and up towards the spine.

Steps of Mula Bandha:

· Sit straight on the mat in Siddhasana or any comfortable meditation poses, pressing well the perineum with the left heel.

· Keep your back straight, your neck erect and your head pointing forwards.

· Take a deep breath.

· Now breathe out slowly. As you breathe out, first tighten the muscles around your anus and then your pelvic floor muscle and your sphincter muscles.

· Intensify the contraction as you exhale completely.

· Now, bend forward gently and move forward your head and neck to the chest.

.contract your abdominal muscles fully and slowly lift the navel towards the spine in and up. .Hold the uddiyana bandha for 5 to 15 seconds

.Then slowly releases your abdominal muscle and inhale normally

. Perform 3 to 10 rounds with one or more breaths between each round.

Advantages of UDDIYANA BANDHA :

  1. This bandha moves the energy up the central channel from the earth, water, and fire centers into the heart chakra which element is air.
  2. It tones the abdomen, strengthens the diaphragm, and increases the gastric fire.
  3. It improves the powers of digestion, assimilation and elimination, and purifies the digestive tract of toxins.
  4. Strengthens the abdominal muscles and diaphragm.
  5. It opens up blockages in the manipura chakra, as it massages the solar plexus, as well as the heart and lungs.
  6. Makes us feel and look younger, refreshed and energetic.
  7. Helps to stimulate mainly the Manipura Chakra (Heart Chakra), affect the Svadhisthan and Muladhara also.
  8. It prevents accumulated tensions, toxins, or stagnation from developing or accumulating in the navel region, stimulating and lifting the energy of the lower belly (apana vayu), to unite it with the energies localized in the navel (samana vayu) and heart (prana vayu).
  9. Enhances higher awareness within us.


Women who are menstruating or pregnant should not practice uddiyana bandha, as well as people suffering from the following conditions: stomach or intestinal ulcers, hernia, Lumbar spondylosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and glaucoma.

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