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The Awakening of Kundalini

18 Apr 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Kundalini is a dormant energy. There is a set of three nerves called ida, pingala and sushumna, which connect the  base of the spine to the brain. When Kundalini Energy awakens, it rises through the  central nerve sushumna to the brain, which causes an explosion in the brain, since the dormant or sleeping areas begin to blossom like flowers. It represents the future consciousness of humanity. All the happenings in the spiritual life and all outstanding works in any walk of life, such as poetry, painting writing, music, war, science, art, philosophy etc. are all related to the awakening of Kundalini Energy. It is the creative energy, the energy of self-expression.

The awakening of Kundalini in the body causes a transformation and transcendence in one’s life. There are visions of God and Higher or subtler realms of existence, an awakening of supramental faculties, and a dawning of creative intelligence. There is a change in the mind, priorities, and attachments. After Awakening of Kundalini An integration of the karmas begins to take place. The cells in the body are changed completely and a process of rejuvenation begins. The voice, the smell of the body, and hormonal secretions undergo a change. A speeding –up of physical , mental , emotional and spiritual evolution takes place. “Once the great Shakti awakens man is no longer a gross physical body operating with a lower mind and low-voltage prana ( quantum cosmic energy). Instead, every cell of his body is charged with the high-voltage prana of Kundalini. And when total awakening occurs, man becomes a junior god, an embodiment of divinity.”

As the first symptoms of an awakened Kundalini Energy, some people experience violent shaking of different parts of the body, such as a car shudders when starting. Aspirants also feels pleasure of a spiritual kind and the brain becomes hot and heavy as if under intoxication, an experience never undergone before. Six symptoms which come into manifestation are – a feeling of blissful pleasure, trembling of the whole body, a newborn power, intoxication, sleep and merger of consciousness. In fact, one could experience one or several of the eighteen symptoms listed, for example, in Dev-Atma Shakti.

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