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20 Apr 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



By SWAMI YOG SUBODH (Yogacharya Dr. Subodh Simkhada) – International Yoga Guru

Yoga is getting popularity all over the world. But still there is no reachable of right message of Yoga among the people. People understand about yoga as the physical training or the fitness programs. They do still not understand its value and goal of this glorious science. The ultimate goal is even infinite but the direction is towards Samadhi, Moksha, Nirvaana or something like this. So for this righteous way of life, there are different means or paths or kriyas for union of life. Himalayan Yoga Academy gives the real concept of Yoga in integrated and philosophical footing.

Surya kriya is one of the yogic practices practiced since thousands of years purposed to activate the solar power or the fire energy in the body for the balance and blissful life. Surya means ‘Sun’ and kriya means ‘Act’. So Surya Kriya means the process of inner energy activation. This kriya generates inner energy, activates physical body and mind and balance the life. This process opens the Manipur Chakra and increases the solar energy in the body. Himalayan Yoga Academy provides these types of Yoga kriya training course as well.

Veda says Surya is the soul of whole existence. The earth rounds the sun. It purifies the water and makes the food for all beings. In ancient time, there were two types of saadhanaa e.g. Surya Kriya and Yajna. Sun is the food of Future. Sun is the medicine of the future. Surya kriya balances the lunar and solar energy throughout the Ida and Pingala energy channels and brings the stability of the body, stillness of mind and equanimity of consciousness. Our guests, students and yoga lovers will be luckier because they could get varieties of courses of Yoga on same venue at Himalayan Yoga Academy.

Surya kriya Yoga works for multi-dimensions of life such as:

  • Builds physical strength,
  • Mental alertness and clarity
  • Increases the vitality
  • Remedies weal constitutions
  • Balances the body chemicals and hormones
  • Qualifies for advanced level of Meditation
  • Updates Spiritual exploration

Process of Surya Kriya Yoga

  1. Prepare any meditated posture and Chant Surya Mantra: “AUM SURYA DEVAYA NAMAH”
  2. Meditate on solar energy with Naman (Obeisance) Mudra, Aawaana (Calling) Mudra, Simhakraanta (Pounching –lion) Mudra , Kamala (Lotus) Mudra , Aalingana (Embrancing) Mudra , Arghya (offering) Mudra  respectively 1 minute on each.
  3. Practice Surya Namaskara – 6 rounds or 12 rounds as need and time.
    OR,  practice only 2 and 3 steps – 3 times at least and do Bhastrika Pranayama with making hand fist up-down on Pooraka and Rechaka; Vaksha-shakti-sanchalana kriya; Prishthaasana (Back bend with Hand on Low back) with Pooraka and Rechaka
  4. Rub the palms and do the massage on the eyes, face, and whole body
  5. Surya Bheda Pranayama – 7 times
  6. Practice Shaambhavi Mudra with Surya Mudra, facing to sun rays
  7. Chant Surya Shakti Beej Mantra with Naman Mudra

if you wanna practice surya kriya in Nepal, then contact Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal.Here we conduct several trainings like 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 hr yoga teacher training.We also conduct retreats and different reiki and singing bowl trainings in Nepal.

“ AUM Hraam, Hreem, Hroom Sah Sooryaaya Namah” 21 or 51 times.

“Hari Om Tat Sat”

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