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11 Sep 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



Please you may protect your almighty immune system and preserve healthy and genetic genes not only for yourself but also for future generations. You may run away from Corona today, but think about how you can avoid the more fatal virus tomorrow. If you are anxiously waiting for a vaccine to exacerbate your fears, suppose you are signing up for a ventilator one day. So be aware now and make your lifestyle regular and natural.

Below given tips for IMMUNE SYSTEM AGAINST COVID-19

Today one hand world people are suffering from this virus but I am no t sure this is pandemic or epidemic or something else. Normal fatal rate is average 2 % of Covid-19 where as 20 % fatal rate of suicide in global contest within 6 months. So, second one is more dangerous. Maybe Corona isn’t behind this fatal outcome?  Everyone should think sensitively. “Prevention is better than Cure”. The fact is no medications till date in the world through the latest medical science.

But there is ultimate reality that only one power still remains in this universe in order to fight each and every fatal pathogen that is the natural Immunity System acquired by birth and creation which has been saving the 8.4 millions of lives in the world and 7 billions people are living today due to this original immunity. So do something, get everything.

Source of Immune / Prana:

i. Parental Prana
ii. Grain Prana
iii. Air Prana
iv. Cosmos Prana

These are the essential tips :   

*Boost your natural immune by changing posotive lifestyle / yogic lifestyle. Don’t wait to get Vaccine, which is not the medicines. Meidnice is within you, just know and use.

*Yoga Saadhana:- OM / Mantra chants, Purification/ Hygiene, Warm up Exercise, Yogasana, Mudras, Pranayama, Dhyana. Gain true knowledge, and do excellent karma.

* Sleep in time within 10 pm after 2-3 hours of Meals and take deep & sound sleep.

*Waking up within 3-6 in the morning before sunrise.

* Drink enough water as need assessment.

* Get enough air in the open place. Love the ventilation rather than ventilator.

* 20-40 minutes of Solar Energy by Sun Bath.

* Do 40 minutes of work or exercise or yogasana, sweat once a day or increase your heart rate.

* Breathing for 20 minutes or do Pranayama/Kumbhaka by knowing, if possible two times a Day

* 20 minutes of straightening the back and sitting in silence or knowing any method of meditation yoga if possible two times a Day

*Action and Rest should be equal. So have a proper rest. Rest is itself reserve enenrgy.

* Chant Omkar or any other mantras, there will be no germs in that vibration whether inside or outside.

* Eat a balanced natural and vegetarian diet in time for right purpose. No fast food, junk food, smokes, drugs, etc.

* Cereals, Sprouts, green vegetables used at least 9 types of spices. Eat fruits at least one thing every day.

*City dwellers should eat less dairy in the city and boycott the meat class altogether. No intake of sugar.

* Drink basil, or ginger or lemon any type of herbal tea.

* Drink turmeric dissolved in evening milk or warm water.

* Gargle and rinse with salt water or Tulsi tea for more than 30 seconds and minimum 4 times, at least after coming back to home and before sleep.

* If you know, do Jalneti in the morning and if you come from outsides, do it in the evening.


* Steam. Take a steam bath or sauna twice a week.

* Whoever survives with what is available, what has become of you, and now learn to live happily with deprivation. Learn to live with what you have.

* Clap, rub the palm, wash your hands from time to time. Don’t kill your own hand tissue/ skins with too much sanitizer and have a bath daily.

* Smile from time to time, smiling can increase your positive energy. It is the best priscription in stress.

* Just as you were careful with a person with a common cold, you should be as careful as you are with a person who is unfamiliar with normal behavior, infected persons and in crowds. Use Max in only crowds, in hospitals, and in crowds.

* Our lungs with a capacity of 2100 C.C, but 1/4 of the lung capacity is working now who live in urban life or modern life.

* Live a normal and active life, not just a life of comfortness, a life of happiness and joy. Although it is difficult to find happiness, but we should achieve a life of happiness and joy because it is obtained from within and not bought in the market.

*Make a strong will power , have fresh mood, and be positive.

ॐ Survey Bhavantu Sukhin :! Survey Santu Niramaya! Survey Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kashchid Dukh Bhag Bhavet !!

Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti :.

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