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Yoga Teacher Training Nepal and Retreat Starts After Corona Virus in Nepal

29 Jul 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Starts After Corona Virus

Yoga Teacher Training Nepal and Retreat after Corona Virus

Yoga is now becoming a common interest all over the world. Yoga is very ancient wisdom initiated throughout the existence. Swami Vivekananda started Yoga lesion in modern time in Chicago, US in 1893 A.D. But Yoga, a great infinite science, was twisted in physical practices in place of physical trainings and games in all over the world since few decades. Further about Yoga Teacher Training Nepal.

People have globally been practicing Yogasana in exercise forms. Yogasana is not yoga which is one of the parts of yoga. Yoga is a destination, achieved through the practice of different means and kriyas and the final means or key is Dhyana (meditation). So Yoga is more about meditation, even Samadhi. Yoga is not practiced, is achieved after meditation and samadhai.  

Even yogasana is exactly not exercise, partially works for exercise but recently practiced as exercise. It is misunderstanding but positively we can say something is better than nothing. Everybody says we do yoga and meditation, but the fact is Yogasana and Meditation, that is right. and also everyone knows me as yoga master but sometimes they will ask me that “do you teach meditation”? It’s wrong questions innocently. Without mediation practice and teaching, literally and formally, we cannot be Yoga masters, just will be physical instructors. 

What are included in Yoga Teacher Training Nepal ?

There are many organs or fold paths within Yoga such as Shatakarma (six cleansing Acts), Sukshma Vyayama (Subtle Exercise), Yogasana, Pranayama, Mudras, Yoga nidra, Meditation, etc. Meditation is ultimately Yoga. If no mediation, even few minutes, it does not give any sense of yoga.  It becomes just the physical exercise, usually works for recovery and physical fitness. Yoga is for optimum health, happiness, and harmony. “Samatva yogah Uchchyate”, it means equanimity is yoga. Self realization is Yoga. It is infinite, never ends.


Why Yoga Teacher Training Nepal ?

Yoga teacher training Nepal is purely based on its fundamental ethics of Yoga. If you are going to have training particularly in south Asian zones, you will get pure and true yoga through professional and academic Yoga Guru, if they are not fully influenced by commercial values. And the significance of Yoga Teacher Training on the lap of Himalayas in Nepal is more experiential, and applied kundalini on single point gravity with altitude of hills and Himalayas. Humvat Kshetra (Himalayan Belt) is the origin of almost eastern wisdoms and epics, and also the birth places of ancient sages and seers such as Shiva, Sapta rishis, Matchhendranath, Gorakhanath, Manu, Kapila, Buddha, Panini, Veda vyasa, Patanjali, King Janak, Ashtavakra, and so on.

The current pandemic situation of covid-19 is teaching us how we can boost up the immune, the defense mechanism. Vaccine is the not solution, but immune is your permanent solution. How we can enhance our immune. Of course! We can achieve by changing the lifestyle, doing proper yoga with all the means of Yogic kriyas, particularly applying cleansing acts, yogasana, pranayama and meditation with full of determination and devotion.

 Medication is nothing, very temporary but meditation is everything, supper permanent solution in our life.  In order to unite the eastern wisdom with modern technology, it is very important to learn, to understand, and to practice any formal Yoga Courses in land of Himalayas in Nepal. We teach here very classical yoga on very physiological, clinical, psychological, and spiritual prospective on very innovative approach. 

Yoga Teacher Training Nepal During Lockdown

We are running YTT, even in lock down time for those people who are already holding in Nepal because yoga practice is very important for all on the situation for prevention of Corona Virus. It is said that “Prevention is better than cure” but on the issue, there is no treatment. This pandemic situation made acknowledge about the essence of yoga to all. Hope the coming year 2021 will be Yoga year.

Yoga Teacher Training Nepal After Lockdown

 Now we are almost ready to run the yoga teacher Training nepal course for all from September session, 2020. So you may make the plan to have Yoga Teacher training course with us at Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal. We are looking to welcome you for Yoga courses and retreats in the country of nature, culture and Yoga.



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