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Music and Colour : Existence & Effects

26 May 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Music and Colour

An environment that is conductive is a great catalyst in any meaningful activity .The right surroundings,good diet ,music and colour ,Fragnance and so many other compatible factors usher quality moments to the seeker.

These moments can be infinite and open windows of great joys and enchantment to the genuine believer.He/she will be seized with an inexplicable ecstasy that will consume his every pore.

About Music :

The right music has a calming effect . Even in hospitals ,music accompanies surgery these days .Its therapeutic effects ,even on plants and animals,have been well documented ,and its accompaniment with Mudras transports the practitioner into a state of deep relaxation.

However,the choice of music remains personal though classical music,solo concert instrumental music and airy sounds have been found to be conductive to the right mood elevation necessary for the spiritual journey.Soft music abets a softer mood and hard, blaring music can move inherent aggression into fifth gear.

About Colours :

Along with the music,colours too play an important part.There is no rule of thumb and there are no‘bad’colours‘good’colours.The use of colours is also subjective and is dependent on personal taste,moods,imagery, the way we feel about ourselves,our personal evolution and  development, and so many other factors.

Research into colours has thrown up some interesting conclusions on how they influence us .Red is supposed to improve circulation, ,yellow stimulates digestion ,violet is the colour of transformation,brown is stable,black protects,green regenerates, blue is calming,and white contains all the colours and stands for purity.

Conclusion : Music and Colour

So, don’t ever underestimate the power of compatible music and colour . For growth  of any kind,the right ambience is vital.In the big cities of today,yoga,meditation,and other self-healing techniques have staged a fashionable comeback .The stressed-out executive has realized that money and the gizmos it affords can’t keep him sane or healthy.So there are retreals,conclaves, resorts,communes,even little corners in crowded homes that provides a little slice of private space for the soul seeker.

Alternate therapies ,self-healing, various types of realizations and actualizations are falling over each other in a hurry as the humans experience has not only magnified but also been blister packed into a tiny time capsule.Every generations gets smarter ,and burnout is early .So all forms of healing have been culled out of the past with a vengeance as the neo-man in the Aquarian Age is hooking up to Nirvana faster than his coffee turning black.  

Here at Himalayan Yoga Academy ( Yoga School ), We greatly learn different aspects of life sciences. We teach yoga knowledge to everyone.As we conduct yoga retreats, Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, meditation retreats, relax retreats, detox retreat, and other trainings like singing bowl training and reiki training.We have discucssed about how music and colour affects lives.

Written By : Sulakshana Simkhada

Derived From : The Healing Power of Mudras.

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