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Kundalini Yoga -Part: I

22 Aug 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art and science compiled by Shiva in Tantra Yoga dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness, the awakening and raising of Kundalini power  up the spine through energy centers called Chakras.

Kundalini has many root words. The word “Kunda” in Sanskrit literally means a pit in which to burn trash. This could be interpreted symbolically as a fire used to burn up one’s attachments, helping the mind to become more pure. “Kundalin” means serpent is identified as a goddess named Kundalini Shakti. Shiva and Shakti that means Shiva stands for consciousness and Shakti stands for goddess power of divine.

The Sanskrit word “Shakti” means divine energy. So Kundalini is the power, the feminine aspect of the divine. Kundalini Shakti is said to uncoil herself to move upward through the chakras and stir up dormant energy within the aspirants.

Many people have understanding that Kundalini yoga is types of yoga. But, Kundalini Yoga is literally itself totality of yoga, not a types of yoga. Any means of yogic kriyas activates for generating prana (Life force) through Nadis (energy channels) and Chakras (Energy Centers), that life force as feminine power is called Kundalini. However the spiritual aspects of asans and other physical acts associate to Chakras , that is also called kundalini Yoga. Some of dynamic physical acts or breath activates the Chakras is also called Kundalini but it is not wholesome meaning. Eventually the final stage of yogic transformation through all types of yoga is called Kundalini.

Kundalini yoga is practiced through:
1. physical practices like some dynamic, suryanamaskar, asans practices
2. bandha, mudras and pranyama
3. deviya mantras as bhakti yoga,
4. divya or beej mantra as Mantra dhyana yoga,
5. sound / singing bowl healing
6. chakra elements
7. chakra colours
8. Pranava Mantra
9. Unmani -rotation of awareness via chakras
10. symbol concentration

By any means or any keys, physiological changes are as:
1. Inner rest, relaxation, peace, and purity
2. Deep concentration
3. Activation of chakras
4. Awakening kundalini
5. Expansion of consciousness
6. Liberation cum isolation.

The activation, balancing of the chakras and awakening kundalini is accomplished by the mixing and uniting of Prana (cosmic energy) with Apana  (eliminating energy) which generates pressure to force Kundalini to rise, by means Asans (postures), Pranayama  (breathing exercises), Bandhas (body locks), in kriyas (exercise sets), , mudras  (gestures), and Mantras  (sacred sounds) and different keys for meditation.

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