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7 May 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


“Prevention is better than Cure”


Care and share the preventive measures of Corona virus/ Covid-19 to all

Our Lungs are our natural Ventilators, nostrils are entry pipelines of natural ventilators and the heart is the computer Monitor of ventilators.  Lungs and the heart work hand in hand that means work together in circular motion. We should know how to cleanse and open these ventilators and also we should know how to ventilate it. By breathing act, we can easily ventilate this. Simply, we do breathing in- out in order to empower the natural ventilators. Rather than covering and depleting the flow of breath through natural ventilation, we should activate the ventilators and naturalize the mechanism of ventilation.  The practical information is given below.

Human Body structural fact:

Our body is the temple of ekadashadwara (11 gates) which are ears-2, eyes -2, nostrils-2, mouth -1, navel-1, anus -1, urethra-1, cosmic path -1 which is 11th   gate stands on perpendicular from root perineum to top of head (Brahmarandha).  We should purify all the gates purposed to accelerate our life force or cosmic energy in that temple.  We should worship in the temple.

This human body is combination or structure of Panchamahabhootas (five elements). Human body is the he source of diamonds, values of life. Our life force, prana is running in our body.  It is very natural, universal ventilator made by almighty, it is not a machine just made by man. This natural ventilator is living machine which runs on certain mechanism. This is itself great scientific system, no any scientists can structure it.  It always warns and alarms for human beings and creatures.  But we don’t know this phenomenon. We completely neglected it.  When we keep these natural ventilators pure and open, we can update and multiply our capacity and efficiency thousands of times more.

Preparatory phase for Physical Foundation

  1. Gargle with salty water or herbal water, Jala neti morning and evening, but in corona period before bed will be better.
  2. Moderate exercises and Yogasanas.

How to cleanse and revitalize?

The following Swasa kriyas and Pranayamas recommended for prevention of Covid-19 and revitalization of Immune System.

  1. Breathe in-out 8 times via right nostril (Surya nostril/ pingala swara), which is also called Daya Ekanasikaa Bhastrikaa;   Breathe in –out 8 times via left nostrils (Moon nostril/ Ida swara, which is called Baya ekanasikaa Bhastrikaa,   and then Breathe in-out 8 times via both nostrils (Susumna Swara) which is called Bhastrika Kriya.  In between we can do kapalbhati kriya to cleanse the wastes.  Gradually we can repeat 2/2 times more and target 64 times as our body effort. It should be same force, same repetitions to all.  More than this should be under guidance of Yoga Master (Guru).
  2. Gradually we can upgrade into Bhastrikaa Pranayama with Kumbhaka and Bandhas  under the supervision of experts.   Bhastrika is done on three stages i.  Manda – Slow pattern; ii. Madhyama – medium pattern; iii. Tibra – Fast pattern;
  3. Shitalee Swasa Kriya or Shitali Pranayama can be done, e.g. breathe in through tongue making canal tube, to those who cannot fold the tongue, then can do Kaki mudra. 
  4. Surya Anuloma-Viloma / Surya Swasa Kriya and   Chandra Anuloma – Viloma / Chandra Swasa Kriya which is also known as preparatory act (Nadisodhana 1st phase) for Nadi shodhan Kriya or Nadishodhan Pranayama.
  5. Anuloma Viloma – Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadi Shodhana 2nd phase),  breathe-in 5 counts and breathe out 7 counts
  6. Nadishodhana Pranayama – Inhale 6 counts, Hold in 8 counts, exhale 8 counts and feel blank (Hold out)  4 counts. (Under guidance only).
  7. Bhramari Swasa Kriya ya Pranayama 7 time’s repetitions with Shanmukhi Mudra (seven gates lock).

Additional Suggestion:

  1. Healthy, natural, balance diet;
  2. Proper sleep in right time.
  3. Positive thoughts
  4. Good human relation
  5. Charity and good Karma
  6. Value the lives, do not count the dead bodies

Svastha (Healthy),                             Masta (joyful),                             Vishuddha chitta (absolute purity)

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