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20 Sep 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Now let’s talk about the yoga that people understand uncertainty today :

Stage-1: The first step is to get rid of the disease as an exercise only. They talk about only health, but not yogic perception and reachable of owns origin form.

Stage -2: Chaturvyuha with the help of which one can realize one’s true nature and can over come threefold suffering permanently.
Fourfold Strategy (Chaturvyuha) – Chaturvyuha of Ancient Medical Science

Roga (Disease)
Roga ka karana (Cause of disease)
Arogya (Health)
Bhaishjya (Treatment)

Chaturvyuha of Eastern Philosophy with special ref. to Maharishi Patanjali
Heya (suffering)
Heyahetu (cause of pain)
Hana (freedom from duhkha wherein feeling of well being prevails)
Hanopaya (means to achieve Hana State)

Stage-3: The practice of maintaining health – both of which are understood today as yoga therapy, but surprisingly, there is a misconception about yoga therapy. It is said that the beginning of yoga therapy is the time of research done by a university within a decade, but that is the beginning of a research paper done by a scholar in the presence of 2/4 hundred and they do not believe from the beginning of yoga practice.

Stage- 4: Thousands of years ago, sages, sages, yogis, etc., as a result of their hundreds of years of experimentation and thousands of years of experimental experience of other sages, as well as the processes of Kriya Yoga, preparation and purification, were all therapies, including the benefits and side effects of yoga. Or side effects. Adequate healing is mentioned in ancient yoga.

Stage-5:  They think yoga makes the body curvy or beautiful or flexible, to give strength enhancing yoga (yogasana). But yoga therapy is not the only purpose.

Stage-6: To do Jogging, Dandabaithaka, Tandava dancing, gymnastic stretch, sports play, singing the hymns of a guru is not the only yoga.

Stage-7: Wearing the ocher robe (in some people), growing a beard, being the president and patron of the ashram or organization for years, reciting Sanskrit verses, knowing the informatins found in Google is not just Yoga Practice or Yoga research.

Stage-8: Yoga is neither a modern religion, nor a culture, nor a politics. This is the religion of human, this is the religion of Shiva, this is the religion of Krishna, this is the religion of Buddha, and this is the religion of Tattva. What kind of spiritual politics to believe in Buddha but not to believe in Buddha’s self-religion, to believe in Shiva but not to believe in Shiva’s self-religion.

Stage -9: Whether it’s self-practice, whether it’s training, whether it’s copy and paste in research, it’s not just yoga.

The Realization of Yoga:

Yoga teaches us for survive 86,400 seconds in 24 hours. Yoga teaches to search for the Guru’s path, not the path of Google. This world universe is Yogalaya, and this body with our energy, mind and spirit and soul is the laboratory. Yoga is a gift from Supreme power that everyone has the right to receive.

 It moves to be in harmony with nature and the universe. Rising above my culture, my tradition, my religion, my dress, my geography, my politics, my society, my family, etc., respecting all, without discriminating, being bound, arrogance, greed for position, individualistic pride rise our lives. Not talking about status, not talking about authority, not being a master, following the rules and regulations, embracing human religion and Sanatan vedic  Dharma, practicing living with what is lacking, free from disease, suffering, grief, whatever is lacking. Trying to survive with that will be the body religion.

Now, what about this great knowledge of yoga and the ocean to those who understand yoga or yogasana, or to those who understand yoga and meditation separately? That is ignorance and to some extent it may be arrogance. The main part of yoga is meditation. Meditation is used in all practices, although asanas, postures, pranayamas, hymns, chanting mantras are also meditations. Similarly, eating, drinking, speaking, thinking, working, resting, etc. are meditations. And the eternal journey to eternal salvation and cavalry is also meditation.

Meditation is the ultimate means of maximum yoga. In Hatha Yoga or Saptang Yoga, the sixth organ is meditation and in Ashtanga Yoga, the seventh organ is meditation. Mantra Yoga’s Pranav Mantra and Divya or Bij Mantra Sadhana is meditation. Meditation is the ultimate state of knowledge, devotion, karma, etc. Yoga, and Raj Yoga is meditation in itself. There are 750 meditation methods or levels in Raj Yoga alone. There are thousands of methods of meditation. Therefore, one can reach yoga only through sadhana.


Within the practice of yoga, there is a sequence of at least satkarma, sukshma Vyayama, prathana, exercise, asana, pranayama, bandha or mudra, meditation. However, there are many other practices such as Yama, Niyama, Ahara Yoga, Lifestyle, etc. There is a request that it is wrong to say yoga and meditation. Only part of meditation is understood more than meditation yoga, not all yogas are understood in it. And many people say yoga practice, pranayama, exercise and meditation, but what should be is exercise, yogasana, pranayama and meditation. Yoga practice does not mean yogasana or exercises, it means the sense of all yogic paths.  

Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:

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