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18 Jun 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

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By Erika Bam

GU- Darkness and RU- Destroyer or Lightness ( Guru )

Destroyer of darkness is termed as “GURU” derived from Sanskrit words. It is termed as expert, Teacher or Master of certain skills, but in eastern traditions this divine master is more than a teacher i.e in Sanskrit. IT means one who dispels the darkness and takes towards the light; the spiritual guide who can help to understand the and discover the potentialities. He or she is a realized one who can guide on to his/her spiritual destiny as mastery over the life.

The concept of guru is found in the earliest vedic text of Hinduism. Guru and Gurukul , were established traditions in the east during 1​st​millennium BCE, and these helped compose and transmit the various Vedas, The Upinishads, text of various schools of Hindu Philosophy, and post Vedic shastras ranging from spiritual knowledge and various arts. These led broad ranges of studies including Hindu Scriptures, Buddhists texts, grammar, philosophy ,martial arts, music, painting and spiritual knowledge. Above all, the guru’s significance to once life is spiritual awakening; only by the master’s grace one can realize the divine.

Furthermore, It is not limited to a persona. It exists within “inner guru” and outside in any form; the source of knowledge . The outer master, the divine source of knowledge can open one’s inner master that can lead to awakening of inner self; true self. That true self can then only realize the divine within and in the whole.

The verses below are reflective of above explanation of divine “GURU” :

Dhyaana-Moolam Guru-Murti

Pooja-Moolam Guru-Padam |

Mantra-Moolam Guru-Vaakyam

Mokshya-Muulam Gurur-Kripaa ||

Which means;

The ​Root​ of ​Meditation​ is the ​Form​ of the ​Guru​,

The ​Root​ of ​Worship​ is the Lotus ​feet ​of the ​Guru

The ​Root​of ​Mantra​is the ​Word​ of the ​Guru​,

The ​Root​ of ​Liberation​ is the ​Grace​ of the ​Guru​.

One can meditate on master physical form or subtle form, master is the core guidance to meditation.

One who bows down to master, one who sees divine in master identifies master realizes divine, one in whose this word is glorified becomes the mantra; the power of word, speech, thought can be achieved and only by the grace of master one can liberate.

Divine or God is our ultimate master and to realize the ultimate one needs the physical form of awakened master who can open up our inner master/divine master with which we can be one with divine.

Mantra below is reflective of above words:

GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

which menas ;

Master is the Creator (Brahma),He is the Preserver(Vishnu), He is Destroyer(Maheshwara)

Master is the absolute (singular) Lord himself, Salutations to that Sri Guru

Guru​: ​Dispeller of Darkness ( ;​​Gu​=Darkness,​​Ru​=Remover )

Brahma​: ​Creator; Personification of Creating Quality of God

Vishnu​: ​Preserver; Personification of Preserving quality of God

Deva​: God

Maheshwara​: ​Destroyer; Personification​​of Destroying Quality of God

Saakshaat​: ​Self/ Himself

ParaBrahma​: ​He who is the highest Lord; Consciousness

Tasmai​: ​To him/ To such

Sri​: ​Holy, splendorous

Namaha​: ​Salutations


“I bow down to my divine master and divine master within”

May masters grace is upon all of us.

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