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FAQs about Trekking in Nepal.

23 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

FAQs about Trekking in Nepal

Overview : FAQs about Trekking in Nepal

Are permits included in the price of the trek?

Yes. All of the necessary permits for your trek are included in the quoted price and will be arranged for you prior to your trek. For certain restricted regions (like Manaslu), you’ll need to have a full day in Kathmandu prior to your trek as your company will need your passport for the permit registration.

Where can I store my luggage during the trek?

You can leave your additional luggage at your hotel in Kathmandu or at our academy in the common room or also in locker, we have availale. Either way, your luggage will be totally safe in our academy or at hotel.

What kind of trekking boots do I need?

You should bring trekking boots that are comfortable for you during your trek .Normally if you plan on doing high pass treks then you may bring very good shoes but if you plan to do middle grade treks , then normal hiking shoes will be fine.

How much should I tip the guide and porters?

Tipping is not compulsory , and really depends on how satisfied you were with the service. Guides (both for trekking and cultural tours), porters, and drivers(basically expects) are typically provided with a tip at the end of your service with them.

How important is the fitness to go trekking?

Fitness is certainly very important aspect of trekking in the mountains. You need to be in an optimum fitness level to trek for days in the mountains. Pre-trekking work out and small hiking can be greatly helpful.Also slowly hiking with yoga practice will keep you strees and pain free.

Is there any particular dress code I need to follow when I travel to Nepal?

Nepal is pretty much a liberal country and does not have any particular dress code. However, decent clothing is expected, no matter what you wear. When you trek in the mountains, you will walk past villages with traditional beliefs and cultures. It is respectful and comfortable if you keep your attire decent so not to offend and attract attention.

What else can I do in Nepal except for trekking?

Nepal is a country with a huge diversity in all aspects. Although trekking sounds big and it actually is, there are several other activities to visit the country for. There are beautiful cultural heritages to explore; amazing wildlife to witness; and thrilling adventure activities to indulge in. You can visit Nepal for various activities other than trekking.

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