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Covid-19 Prevention Yogic Package

20 May 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Covid-19 Prevention Yogic Package


Yoga is being a moment in life. There are various means to feel the moment as full of life. There is a strong part called Shatakarma of yogic practices in traditional Hatha Yoga Science. Hatha Yoga is the science of body discipline. In yogic term, Hatha Yoga is the harmony between Pingala (Sun Channel) and Ida (Moon Channel) or Solar and Lunar energy. In Hatha Yoga, there are seven levels of practices, is called ‘saptaanga yoga’ or saptanga saadhanaa. Out of these, ‘shatakarma’ is the first practice purpose to cleanse the body systems. Purification is the foundation of rest of the means of yoga.

Now I am going to present one package in order to revitalize our immune power against all the pathogens, entire living enemies and different virus species, also Covid -19 as well by one compete cleansing process called “Covid-19 Prevention” with gala dhauti kriya (Gargle Act),  jala neti (nasal cleansing with water), Kapal Bhanti (Sinuses cleansing), Bhashtrika (Bronchioles & Alveoli cleansing) and Nadi sodhana Svaasa Kriya (Purification of Energy channels).  

Four things are very important to run human life. These are the purification, the revitalization, the transformation and realization. Here I have focused only two things i.e. purification and revitalization.  As yogic Science, we can do here particularly two acts i.e.  shatakarma (Six cleansing Acts) for purification and techniques of Prana (life force) for revitalization in life. Definitely it works for purification and better health of people and hope also work for prevention and also treatment of Covid-19 (Corona) virus.

Entrance mode of Covid -19: Nose or nasal cavity is the first organ of Respiratory System which is the main gate for oxygenated air into the lungs and periphery of body space. So it is the main entrance of the body. This virus and almost pathogens stay few days to few weeks as its incubation period in nasal cavity, throat cavity, and one route into esophagus and stomach, and then another main dangerous pipeline are bronchi and bronchioles to Alveoli/Lungs. Throughout all the channels, virus passes by filtering, inactivating and destroying, finally 3 to 5 % are able to enter into lungs. So Nasal cleansing and gargling wash and suppress the viruses partially and by breath work out can enhance the vitality in the body which can inactivate the microbes.  

Covid-19 Prevention Yogic Package

As protection from Covid-19, it is not enough safe by washing hands, making social distances, wearing mask, etc. Also washing hands is sure as the final solution and prevention that works completely. It can be duplicate, misused, allergies, expensive, partial effect. Then, droplets from sneezing, coughing and speaking of infected persons, may enter through particularly nasal cavity, mouth, eyes into the internal organs of the body. Next thing, in case, virus enters in the body, its not problems if you have strong immunity power, the army cells against microbes. As the latest data and researches as well, 80 -85 percent infected people have no any sings and symptoms and also no need of any treatment where as 10 to 12 percent people need general treatment and 2 to 3 percent people need intensive treatment to those who are already suffering chronic problems, by ages, internal hemorrhage, accidentally vital failures.

That is why, my humble request onto all beloved souls from all over the world is to apply the following “Covid-19 prevention packages” and also click the following links for more information ( www.himalayanyoganepal.com /blogs ). To those who are regular yoga practitioners, please keep your whole yogic practice on as a part of life making different capsules as your spare time but ethically each moment is the beautiful initiation of your beautiful day. So use the moment, do not miss and do not misuse. The application of the full package is given below.


Preparation: Warm water, Salt, Neti pot, Tissue paper, Yoga mat,

  1. Galaa dhauti kriya (Gargle Act):- gargle with warm salty water, hold water in throat 15 to 30 sec 3 times per day two times. 
  2. Jala neti (nasal cleansing with water):- put the water in neti pot and insert the tip of neti pot into one nostril and tilt your head keeping your mouth bit open and feel water is dripping down. Like wise do it through another nostril.  
  3. Kapal Bhanti (Sinuses cleansing):- Make the nasal cavity and sinuses dry by exhaling air by one by one nostril and then through both nostrils, you can get nostrils dry side to side differently.
  4. Bhashtrika (Bronchioles & Alveoli cleansing):- mobile breath work out with upper limbs locomotion differently focusing all the lobes of lungs particularly ten zones by vibrating and revitalizing for multiplication of lungs capacity.
  5. Nadi sodhana Svaasa Kriya (Purification of Energy channels):- to purify the energy channels and refill air to generate life force and boost the immune system.
  6. Yoga for Love: Namaskara Mudra with attitude of gratitude.

Hari Om Tat Sat!

The following series is explained in video below :

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