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Importance of Breathing in Yoga-asana

28 Feb 2023 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Importance of Breathing in Yoga-asana

Breathing is a vital part of life. The pranic force is controlled by breathing. Your life is sustained by breathing. Thus there is great importance in breathing in yoga-asana. Yoga-asana is characterized by awareness of the breath and the coordination of the breath with movement,  and if you miss this, you are not doing yoga-asana but simply some exercise or physical activity

The importance of breathing in Yoga- asana can be listed in three ways according to the description of Yoga- asana:

  • Since yoga-asana is a path or method to align both internal and external systems there requires a pranic flow i.e. proper breath flow to enliven the systems.
  • Once your inner system is in proper alignment with breath, you can adjust your body to the cosmic geometry which is the further step for Yoga- asana. Again for the adjustment of every single visible and invisible system of the body pranic force is required. Thus you should not miss deep breaths, Ujjayi breaths, or natural breaths with awareness.
  • Yoga-asana is not limited to the mere adjustment of systems to celestial or spiritual geometry but is also concerned with becoming one with existence. Once more your breath is very important for this boundless work.

Biological Importance of Breathing in Yoga :

Without proper breath, you cannot get the actual benefits of Yoga. You cannot understand your body if you won’t integrate breathing during Yoga- asana you will lose your body awareness. Let’s see the importance of breathing in Yoga-asana biologically.

  • Biology says Human being utilizes only 40% of lung capacity. The rest are still unused. Therefore, the importance of breathing in Yoga is highlighted for awakening the inactivated part.
  • When you make a deep breath or conscious breath, your body gets a sufficient amount of oxygen. This helps to purify the blood, cleanse the body at the cellular level, and heal all types of diseases.
  • You grow stronger and more powerful when there is a free flow of breath throughout the body.
  • Breath also has a significant impact on our physical alignment and the ways that we hold, comprehend, and move the body in our physical practice. 
  • Joint compression and other imbalances from one’s postures and attitudes can be eradicated by breath wakefulness. 

Mental Importance of Breathing in Yoga :

Breath has a great influence in mind as well. The most important nutrition for the brain is oxygen. If there is a lack of oxygen in your brain, then you will suffer from different types of problems connected to the mind such as anxiety, stress, tension, depression, unnecessary thoughts, negative thoughts, confusion, loss of memory power, lack of concentration, focus, etc. That is why you need to provide oxygen properly to the brain to eradicate all of these problems. The moment you are aware of your breath, you will find your mind more tranquil and tranquil. You will experience the magic within.

The cerebral cortex is the evolved or super part of the brain. As you engage in mindfulness practice, this begins to work.  As a result, breathing was used during the practice. You begin developing super and fantastic with this.   Our ability to examine the minuter and subtler architecture of our mental and emotional realms is made possible by breath awareness. 

You may know that anything is occurring in your thinking when the breath swings.

Termination of Miseries:

Your comprehension is activated by breath awareness. Your brain’s higher levels start to function. You will be clear about life and the world as a result. Your understanding of the world and the cosmos deepens. The good and bad sides of life are clear to you. You’ll come to appreciate how fleeting everything is. You will achieve mental equilibrium, making it impossible for anything to bother you. You will be in complete harmony, unaffected by dichotomies like success or failure, gain or loss, notoriety or infamy, etc. Life’s suffering and woes come to an end.

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