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Why World’s Innovative Himalayan 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • International 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification
  • Our yoga instructor certification courses are of outstanding quality, very literal, marked by excellence and attention to detail.
  • The training is not only suitable for aspiring yoga teachers but also for those who simply want to learn more about yoga and develop a stronger self-practice
  • 200-hour advanced virtual yoga teacher training
  • On-demand training released every week
  • Private training accountability group
  • Weekly live Zoom training calls
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions' time zone: UTC or London time
  • Yoga Styles: Traditional Hatha & Ashtanga, Yin, Mantra, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, Dhyana
  • Study Materials through Google Classroom


Yoga is an intimate science of human life all over the world and becoming ethical and natural path of balance life as well as other acts like a food, job, entertain, and sleep. As the contest of technology and other common circumstances in daily life, it approaches through online media. So we would like to mediate the online courses in Yoga science. Yoga Alliance, has now endorsed online training programmes for inquisitives,  yoga lovers, practitioners, and we will offer our 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training, starting on 1st of each Month, 2020.

You can take this Online Yoga Teacher Training based on real time or at your own pace that suits your schedule from 3 weeks and extend it as you like. Due to time difference between Nepal and the rest of world, we will manage the time alternately focusing east and west as well.

At Your Resolve

Latest by then you realize how wonderful it is to have access to class materials and lectures from the comfort of your home or mobile phone, so you can watch and replay them anytime you want. This is precisely what you will be able to do upon completion of this training. The certification will be exactly the same as you would receive if you were to do the course in-person and you will be qualified to teach yoga both online and offline.


Most Classes will be taught through live online sessions, while others have been recorded and will be offered through an online course platform, allowing you to access those sessions even at a later point in time. In any case this is the most personal, high-touchinteractive yoga course online.First we do introduction session on the content given in syllabus and provide the short videos, then after few days we do review, interaction and feedback session.We will do keep moderator through online to connect with you

How the 200 Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training works : 

This Online Yoga Teacher Training will be held online via Zoom. Kindly make sure you have a webcam or smart phone with a camera. You can use your iPad or other mobile devices to complete this training. You will have live training option with others for certain classes, all of the core training and learning material will be available on-demand. You will be able to access your courses on any of your mobile devices, desktop, or laptop. You can take this course based on real time or at your own pace that suits your schedule from 4 weeks and extends it as you like.

Certifications :

Students who complete this Online Yoga Teacher Training are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).

Contact Hours: 80 Hours

Class Schedule: Saturday and Sunday Regular (two session) and Rest Days Alternately

Non-Contact Hour – 120 Hour

Class Time: Choose One Time AM OR PM

09:00 am to 11:00 (Nepali Time);             OR         18:00 To 20:00  (Nepali Time)


Next Upcoming Dates : 


( Jan - Dec, 2022 ) Running in All Upcoming Months of 2022




Day Schedules


30 Minutes (Theory) – Fundamentals, History, & Schools of Yoga and Body Science

90 Minutes (Practice)

Shatakarma; Prayer & Warm up 10 min

Dynamic & T.T.K.H.P7 min

Surya namaskar :8 min (6 cycles)

Aasanas : 25 min

Agnisaara, Bandha, Mudra : 10 min

Pranayama : 15 min

Yoga Nidra or, Dhyana : 15 min

Please note that all classes are recorded. If you cannot attend or if it is too late in your time zone, classes can be made up, as you will be able to watch the recorded classes when convenient for you.

There will be live Q&A sessions for questions regarding theory or practice, which you can send by email to Ganga and they will be addressed at the time of the live Q&A sessions.

In addition, those lectures that you have not completed by the 30th of July, you will have a chance to complete adding few more days and ongoing.

During the course you will receive assignments which will be either in the form of written homework, photo or video or practice.

Daily Schedule

Two types of asana classes will be conducted:

  • One daily asana practice class which will provide you with the opportunity to practice your asanas and will help you to develop a strong personal practice of asanas, and
  • One daily teaching practice class devoted to understanding how to teach the asanas – we will break down the asanas and understand alignment, most common errors, and how to help students self-correct.

The daily in-depth practice with individual corrections comprises:

  • Effective warm-ups and how to incorporate them into the class - various categories of warm-ups and shatakarmas ( Six cleansing Acts)
  • Sun salutation and its variations
  • 84 basic yoga postures and Postural alignment
  • More than 100 asana with variations, from beginners’ level to advanced and different basic series.
  • Release of blocked energy, safety rules and deep healing
  • How to develop flexibility and strength
  • Helpful instructions for alignment in the asanas and how to self-correct as well as adjust students
  • Expands breathing capacity
  • Relaxes the nervous system and Balances the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Purifies the nadis (subtle energy channels) and Stores energy in the chakras
  • Nadi Shodhan, Bhastrika, Ujjayi, Surya Bheda, Sitali, Sitkari, Bhramari and the 10 Vayus (Pranas) and Pranayama
  • Neti, Nauli, Kapalabhati and tongue cleaning : classical yogic purification techniques for the nose, lungs, abdomen and tongue which will be demonstrated and practiced
  • Bandhas: Jalandhara, Uddayana and Mula Bandha
  • Balances the energy, Calms the mind and opens the soul.
  • Mudras
  • General Health rules
  • Yogic secrets for a long life
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Introduction to the major body systems
  • The effects of yoga on: the cardiovascular system, respiration, digestion, skeletal and muscular systems, endocrine system
  • The science of asanas: their physical and mental benefits
  • Yoga and physical culture
  • Yogic Diet, Nutrition and the Principles of Ayurveda
  • Human Anatomy and Yoga Physiology are important aspects of yoga study, but another relatively unexplored aspect of yoga is Bio-Psychology. Bio-Psychology is the study of glands and hormones and their profound effects on all physical and mental (psychic) functions like growth, digestion, energy levels, emotions, etc.
  • Subtle Anatomy: Koshas, Vayus, Nadiis, Prana, Chakras
  • Meaning and Definitions of Yoga
  • A brief history of Tantra
  • From Shiva, Krishna; Patanjali
  • The Nath lineage - Astavakra Muni, Gheranda, Swatmaram
  • Ramakrsna and Vivekananda; Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and his students
  • The law of action and reaction, Dharma, Karma, Bandage and Liberation
  • Karma and Samskara (Samskara means reactive momenta to past actions and is not to be confused with the term Samsara, which means the wheel of birth and rebirth)
  • Life, death, rebirth and liberation; Destiny, Prapatti Vada and self-effort

What qualities should a yoga teacher have? This module will focus on the qualities of a good yoga teacher with an emphasis on teaching methodology, e.g. how to communicate with students, how to demonstrate, observe the student in the class to avoid injury during practice of asana. We will also discuss the personal and professional ethics of a yoga teacher.

You will also be given a fully designed beginner's course which you can apply in real life as soon as you have completed the course.

  • How to teach the basic postures, breathing exercises and elementary meditation to beginners and intermediate students
  • Setting up of a proper environment for class
  • Mindful Sequencing
  • Use of voice and presentation skills
  • General pointers on teaching a class
  • Beginners' Course and Advanced Postures
  • Yoga for Children and Yoga for Older Citizens
  • Yoga for Pregnancy
  • Detailed correction workshops
  • In the second half of the training course, participants will teach each other under the guidance of an experienced instructor
  • Vegetarianism for ethical, spiritual and health reasons
  • How diet affects the mind
  • Proper balance of the main nutrients
  • Ayurvedic principles of nutrition
  • Healing effects of fasting
  • What is meditation? And Guide to meditation
  • Why meditate and Experiences in meditation
  • Mantras as powerful sound energy healing and purifying the chakras, nadis and body cells
  • The science of mantra and The 3 qualities a mantra must possess
  • Mantra initiation (if desired)

Classical Yoga

  • Ashtanga - the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Ethics and moral principles
  • Chaturbidh Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga and Raja Yoga
  • Koshas – the five layers of body
  • Concentration and meditation
  • The six lessons of Sahaja Yoga
  • 16 points of yogic life

Kundalini Yoga

  • Understanding Kundalini Shakti
  • The Tantric theory of creation
  • Nirguna and Saguna Brahma
  • Shiva and Shakti
  • The 7 Chakras
  • The awakening and raising of Kundalini Shakti

Bhakti Yoga

  • Kirtan: devotional chanting of Sanskrit mantras
  • Chanting opens the heart and purifies the mind. With daily chanting, you develop a strong feeling of devotion and a very pure inner vibration. In devotional chanting correct pronunciation, devotional attitude and awareness of meaning (ideation) are all-important.
  • Creativity and artistic expression for spiritual development and upliftment
  • Mandala Art workshop - you will create your own mandala in this workshop
  • Bhajans (devotional songs)
  • Prabhat Samgiita (devotional music for mental expansion)
  • Indian Classical Dance

Karma Yoga

  • Karma Yoga in the Bhagavad Giita: relinquishing the attachment to the fruits of our actions
  • Karma yoga is also the practice of selfless service. It maintains physical and mental health, counteracts depression and refines your mind and heart.
  • The spirit of service in daily life
  • The law of cause and effect
  • Samsara, the wheel of birth and death - exploring how Karma yoga allows every person to be free here and now.

Jnana Yoga

  • Yoga philosophy
  • The History, Science and Philosophy of Tantra
  • The Intuitional Science of the Vedas
  • Upanishads
  • Contemporary Yoga philosophy: Brahmachakra
  • Conquest of death and immortality

The Business of Teaching Yoga

  • How to teach; Secrets to becoming an exceptional yoga teacher
  • Marketing yourself and your services
  • How to set up a Successful Yoga Teaching Business
  • How to Establish a Powerful Personal Practice
  • How to set up classes