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Why Travel Nepal after Coronavirus Ends

5 Apr 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Why Travel Nepal after Coronavirus Ends

By Suyog Simkhada

First of all, please accept our deepest and heartfelt condolences and wishes at this challenging time to all those bereaved families, relatives, friends of those of who have passed on from covid -19

We pray for fast recovery to those who are infected from this pandemic virus of covid -19 , please You may get well soon. ; ” Om Tryambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pustti vardhanam; Urvarukamiva Bandhanaan, Mrityor-mukshiya Maamritaat” Om Shantih! Shantih!! Shantih!!!

We also request to all that you may stay safe, enhance your energy and will power at this pandemic moment and be strong.

Nepal is a tiny, a beautiful country where you can explore everything ranging from diverse culture to high mountains and from core of heart to spiritual height. Nepal is a country of contrasts. Spectacular natural riches combine with a vibrant culture, philosophies, spirituality, Yoga Philosophy and Practice, lifestyle, resource of medicinal plants, source of peace, source of knowledge, and sense of history.

Home to ten of the world’s 14 highest mountains, the country offers a magnificent setting for hiking and mountaineering, as well as some of the world’s best white water rafting.

Learn the Reasons to Visit Nepal :

Visit Nepal 2020 Preparation

If this pandemic ends during the year 2020, then surely visiting Nepal right after this time will be a perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of Nepal and of course! Nepal will be ready to rebuild and heal the hurtful people from all over the world. Though 2020 was the visit Nepal but due to this pandemic made skip away, so it will be preparation for next coming years.

Nepal as Green zone:

Nepal is country of green Jungles with lots of natural sceneries. So it is better to refresh the mind and to enhance natural resistivity power throughout the natures by watching greenery, watching birds and animals, walking, hiking, trekking, farming, staying in village with host family. Then you might get refreshed and revitalized.

Spiritual Sacred Zone for Yoga:

This corona Period made all realize to have this life for goodness, not just for the passion. The realization is that everybody should have the proper lifestyle of proper work time, food time, sleep time, rest time, entertainment time, and self time. Now everybody now realize to do right and ethical yoga practice for energy boost up and strong defense mechanism, for this Nepal is the perfect place with full of natures, cultures and creatures.

This is land of sages and seers, and land of tapa (Spiritual practice). It is perfect place to understand the Divine civilization, Vedic civilization, ancient technology, and ancient wisdom through yogic or spiritual science. This is perfect gravity focus zone for spiritual sadhana through Yogasana, Pranayama, Dhyana, etc. Yoga and yogic life is the only one solution for the victory over Corona Age.

Third Pole of the World:

Nepal is very small but very diverse country. Nepal is known by different identity such as Country of Agriculture, country of Hindus, Country of  water sources, country of nature, country of culture, and similarly also called the country of Himalayas. There are fourteen highest mountains in Nepal; the highest one is Mount Everest as known as ‘third pole of the world’ that is in Nepal. So it is better to initiate your journey from the country of Himalayas to revitalize yourself.

Nature for Natural Power:

The initiation of your journey from nature in order to get natural immunity will be perfect choice. This trip will refresh you and this is the best options for revivification from corona anxiety. Your link is quickly associated with the nature of Nepal and natural life of Nepal.

Relief on financial Crisis:

Nepal is such a spot for trip, will be low budget trip easily. Generally, here in Nepal, trip will be cheaper in comparison to other countries. In other countries, expenses of 1 month, here in Nepal, you may stay 3 months easily. In Nepal currency is cheaper but experience will be higher.

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