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Where to Take Rest and Relax after Trekking in Nepal

23 Mar 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Relax after Trekking in Nepal

“Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah”. May all be happy.

Yoga is a way of living throughout the adventurer journey and enters into silence.

As yogic principles, the balance of action, breath, and rest & relaxation are very important components of yogic journey. However we go in action, its half time of action should be rest, supposed to if you 1 minute in action, 30 second should be rest. This is one principle of healthy, happy and harmonious life. This type of programming has been being run in Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal.

Another principle is that when you are one long mission of work or journey, after this project you need to have rest. So when you do the walking, hiking, trekking, travelling, driving, working, then proportionally you need to have rest and relaxation and participate in recreational and sophisticated programs in Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal.

3R that means Rest, Relaxation & Recreation are the part of life in order to keep the life more balance, joyful, fun, healthy, happy, sustainable and long life. When we go only in action and become busy in our daily life, it creates stress and pressure and also makes imbalance and crazy life. Ultimately it brings miseries and sorrow in life. This type lesion and good message have been delivered to our guests and trainees motive to rejuvenate their health and revitalize in their life at Himalayan Yoga Academy.  

Why Himalayan Yoga Academy for Relax after Trekking in Nepal

These types of silence retreats and detox programmings have been scheduled for getting back into normal life and also to promote and update their health and life from the packages provided in Himalayan Yoga Academy which is the first school in Nepal. Swami Yoga Subodh (Dr. Subodh Simkhada), the owner of this Academy is the first person who introduced Yoga Retreats and related trainings first time in Nepal since 1997 informally and since 2007 institutionally. So this is the perfect venue to transit here after your beautiful and memorable trips in Nepal and surroundings.

We hope your stay in Nepal and at Himalayan Yoga Academy will be more experiential, memorable, and transformable.

“Hari Om Tat Sat”

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