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What is Yin Yoga ?

26 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yin Yoga &

Yin Yoga – Yoga of Mindful Stretch

Yoga is the science of life with spiritual exploration. There are different schoolings of yoga for the same purpose. “Yogah Samadhi” It means yoga is Samadhi, equilibrium, awakening of Kundalini, expansion of consciousness and isolation so on. The harmony between Sun (Pingala) and Moon (Ida) is Hatha Yoga, then it starts raja Yoga. The union of Hatha and Raja Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga or Classical Yoga. Yoga is itself feminine energy.  Its final tool or device is Dhyana (Meditation).  Dhyana is a common means which is applied on each means of yoga, even while performing Asanas, so it means performing asana is its-self a practice of Meditation. If something is done on SMS theory, S – stands for Straight body, M – stands for Mindfulness, S – stands for Smiling, is the realistic Yoga Science.

Literally yoga is the spiritual science obtained from Kundalini awakening,   which feminine power or Yin energy or lunar (Moon) power or Ida Nadi. So yoga is literally Yin Yoga by nature. There should be combination of physical acts, breathing rules, awareness, duration, feeling the effect. Finally we reach in state of spirituality throughout the yin or moon power. Traditional yoga and Yin yoga concept is same.  Yin yoga is the new brand based on classical yoga ethics which offers focus, toleration, endurance, stillness, deeper stretch into core.

Principles of Yin Yoga:

  1. Be calm
  2. Be stillness
  3. Retain the energy
  4. Get the position
  5. Hold the posture
  6. Feel the sensation
  7. Gain the effect in depth.

During the long hold times of the yin asanas, teachers usually give “dharma talks,” informal monologues that often explain the physiology and anatomy of poses, including the meridian lines being affected. They may tell traditional Buddhist stories, recite poetry, sing songs, or reflect on their own experience.

SO Learn Yin Yoga with Us.

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