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What are the Best Seasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

15 Oct 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

What are the Best Seasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

Nepal is a beautiful land of Lord Buddha and Mount Everest which has preached the light of knowledge to the world. A place situated in the lap of nature attracts lots of yoga and meditation lovers from around the globe. Nepal is a country surrounded by Himalayan snow peaks, lush green valleys, lakes and Seti River flowing throughout the town.  With the availability of natural resources, Nepal promises the best yoga teacher training in Nepal for people who want to learn and explore the ancient art.Lets see Best Seasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Best Seasons to do Yoga Teachers Training in Nepal

Practicing yoga and meditation in the lap of Himalayas is truly an amazing experience. With lots of river flowing in Nepal, it adds a lot to the beauty. But with all these factors, the seasons play a crucial role and make yoga a fun-filled activity along with excitement.

The beautiful country of Nepal witnesses five types of seasons every year, i.e., spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter. The summers are cool, and the winters are severe in the northern part of Nepal while in the southern part te summers are hot, and winters are mild.

Summer (May June July)

During this season the maximum temperature is 29.70 C while the minimum temperature is 21.30 C. During the rainy season there is rainfall of 829.7 mm. The average annual rainfall in Nepal is 1,600 mm, but it varies according to the eco climatic zones such as 3,345 mm in Pokhara and below 300 mm in Mustang. Nepal receives eighty percent of rainfall during the monsoon time, i.e., from June to September.

 Winter (Jan Feb Dec)

The winter starts with occasional rainfall, and snow-covered mountains make the place even more beautiful. The clear and sunny weather is a perfect time for practicing yoga and take yoga practice to the another level. The minimum temperature is 7.7C while maximum temperature in winter is 20.30 C . During the winter season there is a rain of 26.3 mm.

Autumn (Sept-November)

It is the right time when you can get clear visibility. The fresh air and perfect weather make it the perfect yoga destinations of the world.

Spring (March-May)

This is lovely weather when the mountain is covered with the beautiful and colorful blooming of the flowers. With plenty of flowers and snow, it makes the place even more beautiful. The season is best for yoga practice.

In Conclusion :

The cool and pleasant weather in Nepal attracts a lot of tourists from all around the globe to learn and explore yoga. The changing season of Nepal invites lots of people to spend their vacation with their loved ones. No matter what is the weather condition the yoga lovers can explore yoga every season to make their life healthy and happy in Nepal

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