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The Art of Yoga

1 Aug 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Introduction:The Art of Yoga

Teaching children yoga along with the principles of Fine Art, in this case drawing and painting, is an idea which i am in process of exploring with the help of some young, eager and willing volunteers.

This idea grew out of my experience with:

1.The profound effect yoga has had on my work as a painter.]

2.A deepening understanding, through personal experiences and through the shared knowledge of art educators, of ways in which these principle of drawing and painting can be taught to others, providing them with the tools to express their own innate creativity.

3.The imagination of a little six-year-old girl, Sabria,who during a spontaneous session of creative visualization, described this wonderful interior house she saw in her mind made of candy with”sweet water flowing curtains”

On more subtle level, our dreams speaks to us in the language of colourful images.On an even deeper levels the chakras, as have been revealed to us by those souls who have gained access to this realm, have definite colours and symbolic pattern which play their role in the transformation quality of these chakras. We have worlds upon worlds of colour, symbols and images within us , yet we go through life not having full access to this part of ourselves.There is always an internal beginning with any outward creative expression.

The art of Yoga
Yoga for Peace

Some of the invaluable yoga practices include:

1.Chanting the mantra ‘Aum’ before starting any project, to acknowledge the presence of the creative power, from where all ideas and inspiration come. 2.Asana and Pranayama, to balance and still any restlessness in the body and mind, a vital requirement for creative endeavours which demand long hours of being in one place ton complete a painting, sculpture, etc 3.Trataka,so invaluable in helping to develop concentration and focus needed to perfect sometimes tedious details that are essential to bring the work to completion. 4.Yoga Nindra and Chidakasha dharana, helping to clear any pscychulogical blocks that would impede the creative process, while at the same time allowing images , that can be therapeutic of expressed creatively, to surface. 5. Antar Mouna, to help access the wonderful unlimited world of our imagination. 6. Creative Visualization, to help access the wonderful unlimited world of our imagination.

With the help of these and many other yogic practices, the body and mind are prepared for expressing creativity.Combine this with learning in a simple way such as drawing and painting skills as:

# Exercises to develop proper seeing for drawing purposes. # Contour drawing, to train the mind to relate to the hand, the subtle change in the shape of an object. Color Mixing, to give ability to mix the exact color you want, without having to depend on buying a particular tube of paint. # Perspective, to create a three dimensional depth. # Negative and Positive space, to create an interesting composition where all aspects of the image support each other as either the dominant or surrounding shape. More about The Art of Yoga

With these and other creative tools it is easier to express outwardly the inner creative stirrings.

The lessons presented here were for the most part created especially in keeping with the theme of the Yogic Magic Carpet Rides, which seeks to facillitate a greater understanding between different cultures.

Yoga may be seen in these lessons to be silent partner, almost in the form of play, but its importance in helping the mind and body to be effective ‘ instrument’ in the creative process speaks in a loud voice.

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