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Stress & Yoga Pt. 2

3 Aug 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Stress & Yoga : Abstract

Strategy of Stress:

  1. Ethical changes i.e social ethics, self ethics
  2. Better way of living  i.e

 -Positive Nature, (Samyaka Prakriti)

-Positive Food ( Samyaka Aahar)

-Positive Action ( Samyaka  Vihar)

-Positive Rest & Relaxation (Samyaka Vishrama)

-Positive Thinking (Samyaka Vichara)

3. Body warm up/ Preparation by the subtle exercise and cleansing process.

4.Yogasana,Pranayama and overall Workout routine.

5.Yog-nindra(psychic sleep),music healing.

6.Shavasana- a complete rest and relaxation and blance pose.

7.Meditation- a way of inner awareness,sound rest,mind purity.

8.Counseling i.e talk therapy and life coaching.

9.Body relaxing therapy and spiritual healing.

10.Other helpful tips:

             _Proper knowledge of body,mind and spiritual issues associated with stress.

            _Action oriented life pattern.

            _Realistic goals setting.

            _No compromising with your norms,values and beliefs.

           _No competition in life,always try to be excellent but not a first one.

           _Low-sress lifestyle.

           _Love to all.

Brain functioning nature and calming pattern. Our brain fires 14 to more cycles of thoughts called beta waves a second which is for getting tasks done .But it is not for enhancing your learning capacity of new things. So doing any types of relaxation practice keeps sound rest at atom levels which minimize the high consumption of oxygen and energy which provide better life and long life. Taking a few minutes to relax deeply slows our brain waves down which are alpha waves, occur at between 7 to 14 cycles a second can empower of learning level and soundness in life


Finally , yog is all the solution of life . if one problem releases in mind , hundred of solution you have in mind. But just one hour going to yog studio nd practicing yog is not a yogic life. This complete world is yog studio and this precious life is itself a huge yog laboratory in where we have to do well experiments for ourselves.this beautiful life gifted by nature is itself a huge chemical, biological, and physicsl indua=stry where we can find all the requirements  for your experimental fulfillments of our being and consciousness .So,please globalize the yog  science for peace , harmony ,happiness , bliss with the exploration of wisdom and intelligence all over the world

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