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Science of Mudra – Part-1

11 Oct 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Science of Mudra

Equinity of Nature is the important rule of divine in Universe. There is the balance of panchatattva e.g. Aakaasha (space)-6%, Vaayu (Air) – 6%; Agni (Fire) – 4%;  Jala ( Water) – 72%; and Prithivi (Earth) – 12%.  Of these five elements, ether is the most expansive and pervasive, Air is the most dynamic.  In modern times, this balance has been upset too much due to the lifestyle disorders.  If this is imbalance, it will spell disaster for mankind. Human body has a very complex networking system. It is a huge chemical factory wherein chemical reactions are taking place every moment. Various types of Bio-energy, magnetic energy, Electrical, Mechanical and chemical energies are present in our body. These energies run the bodies which are the vital force of the body or Prana Shakti. Further about Science of Mudra

The five fingers of our hands are the depositories of the Prana Shakti. Maximum energy flows in the tips of these fingers but these fingers represent different components of Prana Shakti. The Middle Finger represents AAKAASHA (Ether), the Index finger represents VAAYU (Air), the Thumb represents AGNI (fire),  , the Little finger represents JALA (Water) and the Ring finger represents PRITHIVI (Earth).

As already mentioned, the five fingers are the store house of the vital energy or magnetic energy. The tips of fingers have the maximum energy which can balance these five elements. Any imbalances in five element affects the vital energy and creates the sickness. We can restore the balance through these fingers so as to keep healthy.

Yoga is the science of life and also healing science. Mudras are an integral part of yoga, but unfortunately the healing aspect of these mudras has not been well-published so far. The science of Mudras provides the safest and the most convenient, easy-to do hand mudras, both for prevention as well as for the healing of diseases. With five fingers of our hands magically affect the body’s metabolism, growth of human body and mind, releasing of mental tensions or depressions,  improving memory and concentration, for improving efficiency, for gaining height and physical strength, for increasing sexual power, improving intuition, and for spiritual advancements.

Tattva MudrasFingers & Elements

  1. Aakaasha (Ether/Space) Tattva – Middle Finger – Aakaasha Mudra
  2. Vaayu (Air) Tattva – Index Finger – Vaayu Mudra
  3. Agni (Fire) Tattva – Thumb – Surya Mudra
  4. Jala (Water) Tattva – Little Finger – Indra Mudra
  5. Prithivi (Earth) Tattva – Ring Finger – Prithivi Mudra

1.1. Aakaasha Mudra; 1.2. Shunya Mudra 2.1. Vaayu Mudra; 2.2. Gyaana Mudra; 3.1. Surya Mudra; 4.1. Indra Mudra; 4.2. Varuna Mudra; 5.1. Prithivi Mudra

fingers and elements relation

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