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16 Dec 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Verse of Sankatasana :

Vaamapaadachitermoolam vinyasya dharaneetale; Paada dandenayaamyena veshtayedvaamapaaadakam; Jaanuyugme Karayugmetatsankataasanam !!29!!

Keeping the part of the left leg below the knee onthe floor, wrap the right leg around the left leg and then place both hands on the knees. This is called Sankatasana.

Introduction of Sankatasana :

Sankatasana means Sankata and Aasana where as ‘Sankata means trouble or danger. Saṅkaṭaasana (सङ्कटासन) or Saṃkaṭaasana is one of the thirty-two Aasanas (postures) taught in the second chapter of the Gheraṇḍasaṃhitaa: “Placing the part below the left knee on the ground and, encircling the left foot with the right leg, place the hands on the knees. This is called Saṅkaṭaasana”. It is a difficult aasana. However, for those who find it comfortable, this posture conserves energy and gives a heightened state of alertness.

Saṅkaṭaasana is one of the selected 32 postures amongst 8,400,000 total mentioned by Shiva, according to Gheraṇḍasaṃhitaa 2.29, “In all, there are as many Aasanas as species of animals. Eighty-four lakhs of them are mentioned by shiva. Out of them, 84 are regarded as important and among these 84, again 32 are good (enough) in this world of mortal beings”.

The 17th-century Gheraṇḍasaṃhitaa is one of the three classic texts of Haṭha-yoga: a major branch of Yoga, sharing similarities with the Yoga system taught by Patañjali, though claiming its own mythical founder known as Matsyendranaatha. This gheraṇḍa-saṃhitaa is an encyclopedic Sanskrit treatise describing thirty two such Aasanas.

Steps to do the Aasana:

-Kneel on the floor and relax the feet.
-keep the shin of the leg on the floor, bend the right knee and wrap the riht leg around the left leg.
-Shifting the weight of the body onto the right leg and bending it slightly, lift the left leg up by bending it slightly at the knee. The body is now balanced entirely on the right leg.
-Cross the left leg over the right leg and hook the top of the left foot behind the right calf. The toes of the left leg should be showing from the left side of the right lower leg. The right leg remains slightly bent at the knee.
-Place the hands in namaskar in front of the chest.


At least 30 seconds – 3 minutes on each side.

Preparatory poses     

-Garudasana; Padmasana, Dhyana-virasana


Eka pada utkatasana or Eka pada garudasana (Sitting variation)

The asana position

In this position, the left leg is effectively entwined around the right leg, with the hands in namaskar position in front of the chest. The upper body should be kept straight.

Once the left leg is wrapped over the right, the right leg should be straightened in order to feel the strain on the left leg. Gaze forward at a fixed point to maintain balance.
-Release the hands from namaskar position and return the arms to the side of the body.
-Release the left leg.
-Place the left foot back onto the ground and come back to standing position. Practice on the other side.
– Keep the upper body straight and Gaze at a fixed point in front to keep balance.

Anatomical focus
On the stretch on the joints of the left leg.

On maintaining balance while focusing on a fixed point.

Benefits of Sankatasana

  1. Strengthens the leg muscles.
  2. Makes the muscles strong, nerves healthy and active
  3. Increases the blood supply to and loosens the leg joints.

Clinical application


Precautions & contra-indications

  1. People suffering from arthritis should only perform this asana under expert guidance.

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