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Sakha Bhumeputra ( Yogacharya Madhav )

Sakha Bhumeputra (Yogacharya Madhav)

Sakha Bhumeputra ( Yogacharya Madhav ) is a Kundalini Healer and Tantric practitioner, who has the power to invoke divine energy to clear away negativity in every sense. He uses mantra, ritual and fire sacrifice (hawana) to cleanse and purify the atmosphere and remove blockages on the subtle plane. For people who are suffering from any difficulty in life these methods work amazingly to restore well-being on all levels while giving protection from negative forces. Yogacharya helps those who come to him to come into their true nature and live their lives successfully. He himself was struggling to find the ultimate happiness, having met many Vedic and tantric gurus from Nepal and India. It was through Bhakti and Kriya Yoga that his awareness began to grow; but his ultimate awakening came through Chandi sadhana and mantra yoga. Since that time he has been approaching people through awareness programs in Nepal , some Asian countries as well. He will be speaking on Chandi (Durga) realization and will present short mantras during a ritual called Hawan (putting seed in the sacred fire for spiritual purification).

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