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Religions in Nepal

10 Aug 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Religions in Nepal

Abstract: Religions in Nepal

Nepal is mountainous country consisting of vast diversity in culture, nature, tradition, caste, language and religions etc.There are 123 languages spoken in Nepal.These languages difers from one ethinin group to another ethinic group.Various religions prevailing in Nepal are:

  1. Hinduism, majority religion

 Nepalese are mostly Hindu, accounting for nearly 80% of the total population, which explains the cows which you will often see walking in the middle of the street, avoided by cars and pedestrians. But more than that, we can find many templesdedicated to the main Hindu gods are scattered throughout the country, and many images of these gods are also exhibited in all kinds of places, from offices to private homes, including public transport. At least you will need to know the three main ones: “Brahma represents creation of world”, “Vishnu protection of world”, and “Shiva destruction and transformation of world”. Many more are added, and the list is almost infinite. Religion is scrupulously respected, and it is common to see Nepalese stop to make a brief prayer before a temple, an idol or a sacred object before returning to their path. Be careful and ask around before taking photographs or even approaching some religious buildings, whose sacredness makes them untouchable by unbelievers. Finally, one of the fundamental principles of Hinduism is the idea of ​​karma: good or bad actions influence the conditions of life during reincarnation. It is therefore common to see Hindus acting generously in order to have a better life after their death.Yoga Philosophy is said to be born from Mountains as said in various books of Hinduism(Vedas and Granthas).Nepal Himalayas are mentioned in various legends of Hinduism as motherland of Yog.

2. Buddhism, religion of peace

 The other major religion of Nepal is Buddhism, representing about 10% of the population. You will see many monks in the cities, especially near the great Buddhist buildings of the country, such as Swayambhunath and Bouddhanath Stupa, the largest stupas in the country. The Buddhist imprint in Nepalese very present and respected,As the legend says that the Buddha himself was born in the region of Lumbini , in the south-west of the country, before going to create his religion in India. He is considered the 10th reincarnation of the god Vishnu(God from Hinduism Legends).

3.Other religions of Nepal

  Among the other religions, there is a large community of Muslims, mainly from India over the centuries, as well as minority religions such as animists or pagan religions, poorly identified because few in the urban population. There is also increment in the number of Christians due to the influence of Western Culture and some religious values as well.

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