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“Yoga is being a moment by act of moment”. Yoga is being indefference and tolerance. Yoga is self-realization and instant responding the currect situation consciously  So, it means that we have to do as the change of situation and instant need of the people. On the situation, we must need to provide this great ancient wisdom and practice throughout the courses or social media. Now how the value and need of Yoga is essence in such a pandemic situation in oerder to boost the defence mechanism and to change the our lifestyle for healthy, and happy life.

The world is almost now lockdowm.  Even entire life is somehow open but international travel is still not opened. So to provide online lession and current message for artful and skillful life is our primary objectives and responsibility as well. So we request to all beloved souls to follow our online courses and if you sphare time, you may follow our blogs meaasge by reading, watching and practicing.

The slogan “Yoga for health and yoga at home” has been announced by United Nation on the occasion of 6th Internation Day of Yoga. So this way , that way, less or more, here and there,  anywhere anyhow, we should learn, understand and practice yoga.

Thank you

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