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Mindfullness Retreat in Nepal

20 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

200 hour yoga teacher training in nepal

The heart or core message of Yoga science is ‘SMS”. One of the components is ‘M’ stands for mindfulness. Whatever we do, we should be mindful for achievement or perfection. Where is the body, there is mind, then it makes the sense. Mindful work can rise and transform us. Why Mindfullness Retreat is in Nepal ?

Mindfulness is the non-judgemental focus on our present emotions, thoughts and sensations but keeps in being moment. It is the ability to dictate which thoughts we listen to, and which to dismiss as useless and irrational. It’s the power to engage with the present, being in present but to prevent stressing over the past or worrying about the future.

In our modern lives the readily available distractions of the digital age mean that many of us supress our emotions and thoughts. When we are forced to face the inner-working of our own minds, many of us lack the clarity and ability to control our thoughts productively. Jumping from thought to thought and raising our stress levels as we re-live the past or panic about the future, we’re in the moment, but not the right one.

It’s this lack of control that can send us into stress overload, resulting in panic attacks and causing depression. Teaching the skills needed to live in the present, a mindfulness retreat works to harness control over our thoughts and emotions.

Why People Should do Mindfullness retreat in Nepal ?

The most common feedback we’ve had from previous attendees are that the main benefits are the following:

  1. You will lerarn here ‘No mind theory, art of freeing of mind, how to increase focus power, laughing therapy, art of living that keeps us mindfulness.
  2. You will learn those key skills to ‘tame’ the mind so that you can live with less stress, overcome negative thinking and limiting beliefs that can hold you back
  3. You will learn here how to meditate and integrate mindfulness into your life so you have access to that calm centre as you go about daily life.
  4. Take time out in nature to rest, eat healthy food and leave feeling like your batteries have been recharged.
  5. Identify what your ‘true north’ is by uncovering your values and how to live a truly ‘meaningful life’.
  6. Notice less reactivity, better mood and improved relationships after going home.
  7. Therapy, Healing and meditation all levels of teaching and practice for fullfilment of entire need.

Reasons Why Mindfullness retreat in Nepal ?

Nepal is very unique and pinnacle country for known as:

* a country of Shiva Civilization, Shiva is known as by the name of Aadiguru, Aadiyogi, Aadinaatha, Yogeshwora  in Himavat Kshetra (Himalayan region);

*a country of Parvati (Wife and first Disciple of Shiva) known as Shakti (energy, will and action),

*a country of Pashupat as Yogashaalaaa (first School of Pashupat or Shiva Yoga, is known as Chaturtha Yoga i.e.  Hatha Yoga (Physical Balance), Mantra Yoga (Sound Energy), Laya Yoga (Rhythm) and Raja Yoga (Eternal),

*a country of Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages), a country of sages and seers;

* a country of Maharshi Kapil in Kapildhaama;

*a country of Buddha in Lumbini,

*a country of King Janaka (Father of Goddess Sita and Yogi King as Yoga Saadhaka and convener of First ancient Yoga workshop) in Janakapur,

*a country of Veda-vyasa In Tanahu;

*Here is very positive and fully natural life pattern, and Tapobhoomi- a lnad of Meditation or determined karma.

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