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Mental Detox Nine Tips

15 Aug 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Mental Detox Nine Tips

Mental Detox Nine Tips

Human body is the composition of Panchakosa (five sheaths), 5 body layers i.e Annamaya Kosa ( Physical or food Sheath), Pranamaya Kosa (Vital sheath), Manomaya Kosa (Mental Sheath), Vijnanamaya Kosa(Wisdom Sheath), and Anandamaya Kosa (Blissful sheath). First sheath is called food or physical sheath, definitely food is the foundation of life. “Anna Brahma” means food is divine. Food is nectar but sometimes it becomes poison and produces poison as well. Food also detoxifies the body & mind. Similarly we get toxic forms on each sheaths mentioned above, like vital mental, wisdom sheaths.More about Tips for Mental Detox

Many of us love eating good foods as fancy as the preparation, may look as delicious as they may be. They get digested once they enter into our system and the body needs to throw the unwanted waste out in a day failing which can cause illness. There is nothing in the world that can quench our thirst more and make us feel more refreshed than water. Yet if the body doesn’t throw that water out in a couple of hours that retained water can be the cause of illness.

Noise-induced hearing loss not only affects hearing, but it could also affect the brain’s ability to recognize speech. Prolonged exposure to loud noise alters how the brain processes speech, potentially increasing the difficulty in distinguishing speech sounds, according to neuroscientists. Exposure to intensely loud sounds leads to permanent damage of the hair cells, which act as sound receivers in the ear. Once damaged, the hair cells do not grow back, leading to noise-induced hearing loss.

Once I saw very elderly yoga teacher teaches her yoga students breathing techniques. She asked them to breathe in and hold their breath. But elderly as she was she happened to fall asleep. The students who respected her a lot were unable to hold their breaths any longer but didn’t even want to disobey her.  Finally as they were gasping one of them walked up to her and woke her up. As she got up, she said-“and now breathes out”. As funny as this may sound the air we breathe in can be held for no more than a few minutes and if it is not thrown out we may die.

Mental Detox Nine Tips

Isn’t this principle true for our negative emotions as well? Emotional hurt; envy, jealousy, greed, feeling of hatred, revenge, and anger can make our minds toxic. Yet we continue to hold them in our system only leading to so many psychological, biological and consequently physical disorders. The body has a system to remove unwanted food, water, air and chemicals without us even being aware of it. How we wish there were an automatic arrangement that could throw negative feelings and emotional out as well. But that’s not how it works with the mind. We have to consciously work on detoxifyingthese toxic emotions out of our inner systems.

Here are those tips for mental detox

  1. Write your feeling down on a paper and discard it. You may tear the paper into many pieces and burn it into ashes, this practice does not necessarily solve this problem but allows us to express ourselves and release the negative energy at least temporarily.
  2. Express actively your emotional feelings, angers, and stressors with physical exercises under dynamic techniques for Meditation.
  3. Open your heart and confide into someone close and trustworthy. Sharing our feelings cannot out lighten the heaviness. We feel but we may also receive support and guidance to deal with our negativity.
  4. Generalize all the issues and simplify it. Do not make big issues; always try to dissolve these cases.
  5. It’s not bad to be busy but bad to make crazy, in terms of this, try to have easy.
  6. Always try to live easily and happily with scarcity and something else you have or do not have.
  7. Attempt the speechless (Maunavrtta) once a month, stilling and calming the mind by meditation.
  8. Sound Healing and meditation (Dwani Patro) will purifies and calms the mind and enhance the mental power.
  9. Adopting a spiritual practice: The most powerful of course is adopting spiritual practice which can help us cleanse our consciousness and give us the inner strength to fight tendencies. Always remember that it is not the glass of water which is only a couple of grams in weight that hurts our mind, it is the duration for which we hold it. The better it is for us.

Conclusion :

Attempting all the applied kriyas and understanding can detoxify our mind and also enhance our energy that keeps our mind fresher, natural and updates. Silence and calmness are the major means for mental detox.


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