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Ganesh Kriya

16 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Ganesh Kriya

Ganeshdhauti is a process that helps to eliminate common complaints like partial or dissatisfying bowel evacuation, hard stools, erratic, difficult or painful bowel motions, constipation and forceful evacuation etc. Nevertheless anyone can perform this kriya to experience its usefulness.
Before going to toilet in the morning, lubricate the forefinger of your left hand with some castor oil, ghee or sesame oil. Apply this lubricant around the anus from outside and inside. This is Ganesh kriya. 

Technique : Ganesh kriya

Dip the index finger of the right hand in castor oil/ mustard oil.Insert this finger in the rectum . And turn it on all sides and remove the faecal matter. Wash the finger and repeat it again.Remove all the present in the rectum.This kriya should be done after cleaning the bowels daily.

 Repeating 3 to 4 times, proceed to the next kriya.
Contract and relax the anal muscles in a manner just like the horse does while passing excreta. Repeat the contraction-relaxation cycle 10 to 12 times. 


  • Cut nails before performing Ganesh Kriyas properly .


  1. Stregthens internal and external muscles of the rectum which prevents constipation and other diseases.
  2. Removes piles due to clearing the rectum.
  3. Beneficial for Constipation.

The lubricant used for Ganesh kriya slowly reaches the intestines due to Ashwini Mudra that follows. This results in effortless evacuation of bowels and relief from constipation.

Sluggishness of the organs diminishes and one becomes swift and energetic like a horse.

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