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10 Nov 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

reiki distance healing


Reiki is a universal healing system initiated with the existence. This healing system is now a world renowned Japanese healing technique method that promotes the body’s relaxation response and natural healing ability and accepted globally. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing and also distance reiki healing through symbols, mantras vibes and aura energy to far away as well.

Reiki channels positive energy into a person, pet, place, relationship, or situation. It can be directed to the past, present, and future: surgery, test, meeting, interview, audition, court case, etc. Reiki doesn’t depend on belief and will work whether you believe in it or not.

Many people have connected with us for their long withstanding health, financial, emotional issues and have got immense relief.

A spiritual check-in might include releasing old energy, realigning with your purpose, or just taking a beat to be instead of do. If you’re in need of some spiritual support: Many of our favorite intuitive and energy healers are currently offering distant sessions by phone. And there’s no need to worry that you’re getting a truncated version of their abilities; most good healers can connect without being with you in person and are used to working virtually with their clients. But always ask questions if you need more clarity.

An unseen power in universe is working for universal existence. As the appearance or creation of the world, something energy is working around us. Each creatures or each being is directly or indirectly, this way or that way, less or more connected to universal power.  The application of this supreme power or universal power was considered as spiritual saadhanaa (Practice) in ancient time, latterly was also used for spiritual healing and Pranic Healing. They used this power to save righteousness and to destroy the devils or unrighteousness. It was also used for blessing and empowering to devotees.

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki system has three Levels (Degrees): Second level is for distance Healing.

Second Degree – It is a Distance Reiki Healing technique and it has telepathy practices, third eye activation practices, hypnotic, and mind technology will be practice, lights, and colors, visions, and aura, mantras, psychic symbols, and Vajra- van, all the physical, mental and emotional forces will be practices.

Healing Health & Spiritual Benefits of Distance Reiki Healing :      

  1. Increase energy flow throughout the body, enhancing personal health and aliveness
  2. Promote one’s ability to be present in the moment
  3. Strengthen energetic, psychic and intuitive awareness, while facilitating spiritual growth
  4. Handle stress better; Improve relationships
  5. Heal faster; relieve side effects
  6. Build a deeper understanding of communication and connection by means of touch
  7. Facilitate energetic healing on a physical, emotional, psychological and karmic level
  8. Receive powerful, healing Reiki energy continuously, 24 hours/day
  9. Feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically
  10. Weight loss; Confidence; Relaxation; Sleep better
  11.  Aids in coping with grief, trauma
  12. Assist with peaceful passing for someone dying
  13. Feelings of peace, security, well-being
  14. Increase clarity, purpose, joy, health, happiness, abundance
  15. Relieves pain and discomfort
  16. Reduces Stress and anxiety and Overcome depression/emotional healing
  17. Strengthens immune system and Balances energy and chakras
  18. Relationship healing and financial healing

Nothing needs to be “wrong” for you to receive Reiki. It can help you feel good and stay well when you’re already fit and healthy

You may make the session your own, consult Swami Yog Subodh an advanced Source Point Therapy practitioner (an approach to healing that uses a body-scanning technique to release energetic blockages found in our field). Swami does energy work using her blueprint for human health. He works on releasing blocks in your system to restore order and balance and helps you create more space for yourself. Be as interactive as you want—ask questions, or let you sit back and enjoy the experience. (You can even take a nap, if that’s what your body craves). At this time, Guru’s sessions are pro bono for anyone working on the front lines and for people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

In this pandemic situation, everybody is suffering from covid 19 and is locked down at home. So they are mentally weak and scared of the situation. They loosed the immune seconds to seconds and couldn’t find any right solutions and the ways in order to get relief from the situations. On the unpleasant moments, everybody needs emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical support to overcome from this global crisis.

Send full name of person who’ll receive Reiki. I’ll send Reiki as general, overall healing to any/all areas requiring healing; OR to a specific issue or area of concern, if you request.

Day time, evening and weekend sessions available

NOTE: Your order delivery will be when the Reiki starts, not when it ends.

Learn about Our Distance Healing

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