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Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Health

24 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Health

The liver is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates, making glucose, and detoxing the body. It also stores nutrients and creates bile, which is necessary to digest and absorb the nutrients in food properly. There are many foods and drinks that a person can consume to help protect the liver. Here given about Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Health

In the today world, we have become liver conscious like never before, and this attention towards a healthy liver is well deserved. The liver plays a highly important role in the body and is one of the most vital organs which aids in – digestion, filtration and metabolism. The organ endlessly detoxifies and filters the blood to help in maintaining overall functioning.

Here are five Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Health for an enhanced liver functioning that soothes and balances the organ.

1. Guduchi or Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia)

Guduchi promotes regeneration of the liver and protects it from disease. Dr. Halpern calls it “one of the best herbs for the long-term health of the liver. Its tonic properties benefit the entire body, especially the immune system. It is beneficial for people of all constitutional types, making it one of the safest herbs to use.”This herb is used to strengthen the body’s resistance to infection and its ability to cope with jaundice, digestive upsets, and nervous system problems. The liquid extract is also referred to as Indian quinine, which is considered especially important for fevers related to colds.

2. Turmeric

A magical Ayurvedic ingredient, Turmeric is highly used in Indian households and in other South East Asian countries for cooking and medicinal purpose. Turmeric or Haldi has a strong affinity for the skin, liver, digestive system and blood. There are lots of studies that suggest Turmeric as a wonder herb for overall body-mind wellbeing. It detoxifies and cleanses the entire system deeply providing support to the organ and tissues. Turmeric boosts body’s natural antioxidants and liver-brain protecting properties in case of exposure to alcohol-induced oxidative stress.

  • Use a raw or powdered form of Turmeric in your food
  • Drink Turmeric milk before going to bed
  • Consume turmeric liquid extract or tablets after consulting doctors

3. Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri)

Bhumyamalaki is a bitter herb that helps protect the liver. Traditionally used to care for liver-related indigestion, hepatitis, and jaundice in children, it is also useful for viral infections. In one study, bhumyamalaki helped resolve infective hepatitis without any side effects.

4. Amalaki or Amla

Amla or India Gooseberry is another amazingly beneficial Ayurvedic herbal fruit that is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant and nitric oxide. Amla supports healthy liver cells by enhancing the natural production of catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione. Amla provides protective effects against mild-moderate toxic exposure and short-term alcohol-induced brain mitochondrial dysfunction. Used commonly in an Indian household in food or as a remedy for treatment, Amla has the powerful ability to cleanse and detox the liver and the digestive tract replenishing its tissues.

  • Consume as Triphala powder for deeper and greater benefits
  • Add a ½ teaspoon of Triphala powder or amla powder in boiled water, steep for 10 minutes, cool and drink it daily
  • You can use amla in your food, salad, juice, etc

5. Gritkumari or Aloe vera

Another amazing herb, Ghritkumari or Aloe Vera is one sought after solution for most of the health and beauty related issues. With its cooling effects, it balances excess pitta, supports the healthy functioning of the liver and soothes excess heat in the digestive tract. The aesthetic qualities of the medicinal herb plant cleanse the skin externally and the liver internally. Ghirtkumari is a rich blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that together proves to be an excellent detoxifier for the liver. It purifies it and helps it to function smoothly.

  • You can consume two tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel before meals 2- 3 times daily, or can also consume its juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

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