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8 Questions You Have Before Your Yoga Teacher Training

8 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Questions You Have Before Your Yoga Teacher Training

In the world, there is increasing trend for having there yoga teacher training course.People highly prefer having there training course in order to maintain there standard and life in order for healthness and peacefullness.People get their course in different part of the world.They choose the destination far from their home so that they can travel as well as have their training complete with full of excitment and relaxation.Since Teacher training is a big investment of your time, money and energy, so it’s important to spend some time researching programs to see which is the right fit for you. So we have enlisted those top 8 Questions You Have Before Your Yoga Teacher Training

1. Do I need to be certified to teach yoga?

This is probably the very first question that probably everyone thinks of asking before registering for a teacher training course. The answer is actually, NO. Not technically.But its actually very easier to get a job if you are – TRUST ME. Most yoga jobs that you look up require at least a 200-RYT (200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher). Because there are so many people who are certified they could hire, why would they hire someone who’s not? Even now with my certification, I wonder if I should go for my 500-RYT just to have more of an advantage. It never hurts to have more experience under your belt in the ever-growing world of yoga.

2. What style of yoga will I learn?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Go to the director’s classes and see if the style is something you want to learn. Be wary of trainings that don’t clearly define what they are teaching and try to be a training of all styles. You will need to be focused on one style in order to be a strong teacher in that style. Once you complete your 200 hour cert, you can take additional trainings to learn other forms of yoga.

 3. What else will I learn besides physical asana?

Often trainings have additional teachings such as anatomy , the history of yoga, energy work,types of yoga , and vedas and its history. Find out what else the training has to offer 

4. What will I be eating?

Nepalese food is generally based on indian cuisines and some on chinese bases cuisines.So normally , the food in Nepal are very delicious. You may get varities of dishes . But in breakfast here in our training center, you will provide the continental type of breakfast ( not so varities)So there won’t be any problem with the food. The food will be healthy, organic , freshly cooked and also as your choice.

5. What is the average class size? 

So Basically the class size depends upon the season or the month , but Nepal is totally favourable for doing Yoga Teacher Training thorugh out the year.So normally the class size ranges here in our Academy from 8-15 peoples.But we think less students the better because more students create less attention to each students.

6. What kind of yoga mat should I take?

Normally , here in our academy we have yoga mats for yoga practice.But if you prefer bringing your own type of mats,then you are very welcomed .There is no restriction on bringing your own mats .You may buy yoga mats as per your needs(may be expensive or cheap).

7. Where would I be sleeping?

When travelling abroad the first thing that comes in our mind, is where to stay and have a wonderful sleep.So does this type of thought comes when we travel for studies and trainings like this yoga teacher training and else.During your training you will be staying in rooms with you room partner ( female with female and male with male).So you don’t need to worry about the accomodation as you will get perfect rooms with attached bathroom.

8. What is the price? 

While important, we suggest that this is the last question you should be asking or thinking . 200 hour trainings are generally between $2500-$4200. But Nepal being the birthplace of yoga , we provide teacher training course in very affordable price.We have provided this price with very good reasons.The teaching will be very very good as you recieve while paying $2500 dollar.

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