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6 Yoga Poses for Constipation

15 Apr 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Yoga is not only about the exercises and asana. And also It`s not  about relaxing music and deep stretches rather it is a lifestyle which you can follow for your overall health. Yoga can help you get relief from the anxiety, depression, and stress and also reduce inflammation. The more you stress, the more you suffer from constipation, gas and tummy troubles. Also they are side effects of your unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle. Your poor eating styles, choices and busy schedule also the common causes of today’s world constipation, gas and stomach troubles. Maybe you are also the one suffering from unhealthy bowel movements. No need to worry about, Yoga can help you relief.

Yoga is the complete management system that can give you relief you from constipation. It is also the natural way to manage constipation. The stretching and contracting muscles and also compression and massaging of certain positions helps to improve the flow of blood and oxygen which helps on overall with your bowel movements. You can also increase your water intake.  Also make sure you try including yoga in your daily practice.

How Yoga for Constipation

Yoga alleviates constipation in two ways:

1. It manages stress

Stress can distress your gut and make your muscles tense. That can make your constipation worse. So, Yoga can help manage your stress response. And it can improve the functioning of your regular bowel movements. Even meditating or breathing deeply can help move things along.

2. It gives your digestive system a massage

Yoga asana like twisting poses, inversions, and forward folds can also help your digestive system. These poses massage your digestive organ that helps to increase the flow of blood and oxygen delivery. They also help in peristalsis movement which encourages stools to move freely through the system.

Daily yoga in your schedule can result in regular, healthy bowel movements.

Below are some yoga poses that can help your digestive tract get back into balanced and healthy flow.

  • Vajrasana- Thunderbolt Pose 

This is also known as “Thunderbolt Pose”. To begin, kneel on your yoga mat. Make sure your knees and toes are touching and your heels apart. Sit in the gap between your heels with a straight back and hands on your lap. Hold this pose for few seconds or minutes.

This asana obstructs the blood flow to the legs and thighs and increases it in our stomach area, thus improving our bowel movement.

  • Balasana- Child`s Pose

In this pose, kneel and sit on your knees. Lean forward, keeping your buttocks on your heels, and rest your forehead on the floor. Place your hands in front of you. Hold here and inhale and exhale for a few seconds or few minutes. Focus towards any areas of discomfort. And breathe into them to relieve any tension.

It also contracts the organs and increases blood flow.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana- Downward facing Dog / Parvatasana

It is a great way to deal with constipation. It compresses your gut, stimulates blood flow to your abdominal areas and relaxes them.

Get down on all your fours. Start on the floor with your hands-shoulder width apart, with your shoulders above your wrists. Lift your knees, while exhaling, tuck your toes against your mat, and extend your legs and arms while pushing your pelvis into the air.  You should be creating A shape with your body. Hold and release.

  • Pavanamuktasana- Wind-Relieving Pose

This pose is perfect cure for constipation which helps in digestion and releasing gas.

Lie on your back. Bend your raised legs at the knees. With your hands, grasp the parts of your legs right below the knees. Pull your knees back towards your head. Now, lift your head off the floor and move it forward until your forehead touches your knees. Maintain the postures for few seconds then release.

  • Udrhva Mukha Svanasana- Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is the relaxation pose for all exercises performed on the stomach. It improves blood and oxygen circulation throughout the pelvis and spinal regions which helps indigestion.

Lie down on your abdomen with your heels closer and toes pointed out. Put your palms side of your chest. Lift your head slightly. Gently curl your neck back. Press your palms into the floor. And gently uplift your upper body off the mat.

  • Matsyasana Twist- Half Spinal Twist Pose

This is great for your digestive system. The spinal twist increases blood flow which increases circulation and cellular detoxification.

You can start by sitting with your legs stretched out, keeping the feet together and your spine erect. Bend your right leg and place your right foot on the ground. Make sure it s on the outside of your left leg. Ideally, it should be near your left knee. Then, Bend your left leg and place it under or close to your right buttocks. Place your left hand or elbow on or over your right knee. Gently twist to face over your right shoulder. Hold this pose for a few breaths. Focus on any areas of discomfort. Breathe deeply to relieve the tension. Then switch another side.

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