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500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

27 Nov 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Nepal is a perfect place for yoga learners to enhance or improve their yoga skills and to help the practitioner in their yogic path in every possible way, Himalayan Yoga Academy is considered one of the best yoga schools in Nepal and provides yoga teacher training courses for the students for beginners as well as for Intermediate level.

 In this modern world, if yoga is your passion and spiritual practice is what you are looking for, then you can enroll yourself in one of the best yoga schools in Nepal at the Himalayan Yoga Academy the ideal choice for yogis and yoga aspirants. Yoga is the union between the mind, body, and soul. Today everyone is aware of the importance of yoga practices and been benefitted from the practice of yoga in their life. The school is a yoga alliance USA registered that means after completion of the course the school provides you a certificate that enables you to teach yoga anywhere in the world. The most important purpose of our yoga courses is to completely prepare yoga students in traditional teachings of yoga so that when he/she completes their course their vision for teaching or practice must be clear.

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is a combination of both 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Alliance USA registered. The course is for 42 Days (6 Weeks), you will be taught fundamental yoga teachings and will various basic styles of yoga. During the last 3 weeks of the course- students will pursue an advanced 300 Hour yoga teacher training course that covers advanced yoga education to make them ready to come out as accomplished teachers, it will be a life-changing experience so give yourself 42 Days (6 Weeks) to learn how to transform millions of lives with the Himalayan Yoga Academy, best yoga school in Nepal.

Reasons to Join Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal:

  • Learn the Philosophy of Yoga & Authentic Yoga Teachings in Nepal
  • Develop Structure and Discipline to Reach your Goals
  • Travel to Nepal as Yoga Teacher Training as the core Reason.
  • Reconnect with Nature and Yourself
  • Experience the Yogic Lifestyle
  • Study in the Land of Himalayas
  • Have the Experience of a Lifetime

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